Tutorials / Instructions for CashCtrl

Welcome to the help pages of CashCtrl. Tutorials are sorted by topic and can all be viewed on the subpages. All tutorials can also be accessed directly via the searchbar at the top.



  1.  First steps
  2.  Software configuration
  3.  Bookkeeping / Journal
  4.  Order management / Documents
  5.  Inventory
  6.  Reports / Evaluation
  7.  Years end
  8.  Sector solutions / Clubs
  9.  Trustees
  10.  API / Scripts / Extensions

1. First steps

You are new to CashCtrl and are setting up your organization or mandate. Data is being entered from scratch or transferred from an existing solution.

The tutorials cover everything so you can get started with CashCtrl. Opening entry, ready, go!

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2. Configuration and settings

Define how to work with CashCtrl and assign roles for users who will have access to it. Set up the workflow and learn how to use additional fields.
Everything for a smooth workday.

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3. Bookkeeping and Journal

Tutorials about journal, accounts and importing. Import charges from online store and reconcile bank data. Automatic posting and speed up with keyboard shortcuts.
Collective posting - ahoy!

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4. Order management and documents

Create invoices, donation receipts or even a subscription management with recurring amounts. Compiling offers with option totals and article images.

Create mass invoices for club accounting
a treasurers dream.

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5. Inventory and articles

Everything about inventory, importing item lists and filtering entries. Set up workflows, configure categories and capture item images.
Automate and save time.

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6. Reports and analyses

Everything related to the evaluation of the fiscal year, even during the year. Configure reports and compile sets.
Monthly financial statements ahead!

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7. Year end closing

Record the profit/loss and draw the closing balance I or II. You write off fixed assets and then prepare the annual report.
Checklist is ready.

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8. Sector solution / Clubs

Configuration options of CashCtrl for clubs and different business areas such as wine trade (cellar accounting). Instead of buying an industry solution, simply configure CashCtrl.

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9. Trustees

Enter new clients and users, set up white labeling and enter templates. Disconnect accounts and send support requests.

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10. API and Scripts

Documentation of the interface for developers and free open source script offers for download.
"Hello, CashCtrl!"

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