Daily balances

CashCtrl works with daily balances and displays the days end balance in the journal. This practice has proven to be the best and clearest for us.

If several entries are made on the same day, the same balance is output in the journal for each entry. "Stop" you say now, "that's not very clear and I can't check invoices". But you can still control them, just with a different view.

Screenshot of CashCtrls journal with selected daily balances.

Balance after each entry

A detailed view with a balance after each entry can be found in the reports section under "account statements". There, the balance is adjusted and tracked with each step. This way you can also reconcile the bank statements.


CashCtrl Screenshot with adjusted balances after every entry.

Why does CashCtrl rely on daily balances?

In CashCtrl provides a variety of filter and sorting options. If you sort by yourself, the order is changed and the balances are no longer correct. Entries in CashCtrl have no timestamp but just the date. That's why a daily balance is useful, like Postfinance does.

The filter and sorting possibilities distinguish CashCtrl from other software offers and are widely appreciated. Of course, we do not want to miss this feature.