Keep multiple clients in the same account and switch between organizations directly.

CashCtrl is multi-client capable and ideal for trustee offices or anyone who needs more than one accounting system. All clients (in CashCtrl: organizations) are stored as individual databases.

Organizations can be purchased and removed at any time. They can be disconnected and handed on if desired.

Okay, I'll take a look.

Screenshot of the client overview as dropdown in CashCtrl

Multiple bookkeeping systems, connected in one account

The title says it all: navigating between clients is much more efficient if you don't have to log out and log in every time to change the organization. Via dropdown menu another organization is loaded in a few seconds.

So you as a trustee can switch directly between all clients without having to change accounts.

Create and maintain new organizations

All organizations are listed in the clear administration dialog. You can see e.g. the direct URL of the organization and how many users have access to it, how big the database is, etc.

A new organization can be created from scratch or by copying an existing one.

Screenshot from the Organizations dialog.

Users and roles

Each organization can be accessed by you and (if invited) other users.  New users are invited either directly when the organization is created or at a later time.

User:s can have access to one or a variety of organizations.

More about user roles and access users and roles

Screenshot of the user dialog

Backups and security

Since all organizations (clients) are stored as separate databases, each organization also has its own backups.
More about this Backups


CashCtrl Screenshot of the backup dialog.
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Enterprise Version

If you plan to manage more than 25 clients with CashCtrl, we will be happy to create an individual offer for CashCtrl Enterprise. This also allows you to implement course offers, for example.