Overview organisations

CashCtrl PRO is multi-client capable. PRO customers have the option of supporting a large number of completely independent clients/accounts departments in one account. Use your account to switch between clients without having to log out. The databases are kept completely separate from one another. Private and administrative accounting is also possible.

Switch between different clients

CashCtrl is scalable to meet your needs

By default, CashCtrl PRO comprises 2 bookkeeping accounts as well as 2 users. This could suffice for a company, test accounting, and a club. Or three clients. It is exceptionally easy to navigate between the organizations/clients.

You can also purchase additional users and clients at a later time.


Ideal for trusts

CashCtrl is based on the premise of efficient working. You can create new clients (organization) with your own templates. This means that you only need to configure an account plan, sequence numbers, reports, etc. once. You can quickly register a new client. Clients can be copied for test purposes at any time to help prevent errors.

Enterprise version

If you're planning to manage a high number of clients of 50 or more with CashCtrl, we will create an individual Cash Ctrl Enterprise offer for you. This also makes it possible to manage course offerings.