Contacts list in CashCtrl

Sorting and organizing

Manage customers, suppliers, employees, or club members in different categories. A customer number is automatically assigned to every new entry. These can be created in line with your preferences.

Configuration of contacts list in CashCtrl

CashCtrl is easy to adjust and customize. The user decides the order of the columns and can drag these into the desired position with the mouse. You can show or hide columns as needed. This means that you can organize our tool to optimally suit your way of working.
Every column offers its own filter options. The view can be exported as an Excel or PDF file at any time.

Add new contact


Customers can be recorded in different languages, with a customized form of address. This means that you can automatically issue an invoice in English to an English-speaking customer. You can enter important information and details about a contact in the comment field. This way, you'll never lose track of any information on your business relationships.

Contact list Excel document output

Forwarding and shipping

All views, including filtered lists with hidden columns, can be exported as an Excel file. You can thereby create serial letters or further process the data.

It is also possible to export information in CSV and PDF format.