Manage contacts of customers, business partners and suppliers

The contact and address directory is structured in tabular form. Addresses can be imported as Excel, CSV or vcard and also exported.

The table view allows columns to be dragged into the preferred order and unimportant ones to be hidden. The view is saved and remains. Clarity and structure is a top priority in CashCtrl.

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At a glance: 100 entries on one page.

Customers, suppliers, employees or club members can be managed in categories. Each new entry is assigned a user-defined customer number, which is incremented automatically.

The table view shows 100 entries per page. Columns can be shown and hidden and moved to the desired position by drag & drop with the mouse. Each column can be sorted and filtered. The current view can be exported as Excel or PDF at any time.

Screenshot of the contact overview

Importing contacts from Excel, CVS or vcard

Contacts from an Excel, CSV or vcard file can be copied to CashCtrl using the importer. Columns are automatically suggested during the process, but can also be assigned manually.

Existing entries are recognized, ignored or added if necessary. Member lists are always up to date.

Screenshot of column mapping from Excel to CashCtrl

Multilingual documents

Contacts are multilingual with individual salutation. For an English-speaking person, an invoice can be automatically issued in English. Important info and details about a contact are created in the notes field. So no info about the business relationship will be lost sight of.

Screenshot of a person entry

Sharing and sending

All views, including filtered lists with hidden columns, can be exported as Excel documents. This can be used to create serial letters or to further process the data.

CSV and PDF export are also possible.

Screenshot of an exported persons Excel list from CashCtrl

In a nutshell. Contacts with CashCtrl means:

  • Clarity and structure through personalizable view
  • Import contacts
  • Configure and export lists

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