Enter opening entries

Tutorial: With the opening entries the financial accounting is opened. This allows "filling" the accounts with opening balances.


  1. Enter opening entries
  2. Edit opening entries
  3. Good to know
Screenshot of the opening bookings dialog

1. Enter opening entries

Via Journal Add Opening entries or in Accounts Add more Opening entries the dialog is opened. This is only possible if the first accounting period is selected.

The opening entries are a predefined collective entry to 9100 Opening Balance. At the bottom, the total debit and the total credit and their difference are shown. Only when debit and credit are balanced, i.e. the difference is 0.00, it is possible to save.

In a collective entry, only one currency can be used. For opening entries in a foreign currency, another collective entry is booked to 9100 Opening balance.

Screenshot of the opening entries dialog

2. Edit opening entries

The opening entries can be edited in the journal. Either by searching for "Opening" or by sorting the date column in descending order. When called up via the journal, the collective entry dialog is opened.

The system entry in the first line "9100 Opening balance sheet" with the amount 0.00 in debit and credit may not be edited or deleted.

Screenshot of the collective posting of the opening entries

3. Good to know

  • The opening entries need to be made only once, when the accounting is started with CashCtrl.
  • The opening balance is calculated automatically for each subsequent accounting period, and so there is no need to create opening entries for subsequent years.
  • Further info in our documentation
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