Import articles, assign article numbers and manage them in categories

Article lists can be imported from an Excel list or CSV file. Each article is assigned a sequence number. The numbers are set up with placeholders / variables and count up automatically.

Articles can be assigned to categories that store a revenue account. When an item is sold via an order document (invoice), the revenue is automatically booked to the correct revenue account.

Screenshot of the inventory module with open edit dialog for items

Manage inventory with stock items

Items can also be managed in the inventory as stock items, a sale or purchase will then affect the stock level. Working with returns or rental items is also possible. If rental vouchers are created and a rental item is returned, the stock can be automatically adjusted again via the status.

Screenshot of an item with stock

Manage fixed assets and automate depreciation

Fixed assets are created in the inventory module. Here the period of depreciation can be selected, whether the value is reduced linear or degressive and the outflows or sales can be created. When completing a fiscal period, CashCtrl books the depreciation to the exact day at the push of a button.

Screenshot of an asset with the Depreciation tab

In a nutshell. Articles and fixed assets with CashCtrl means:

  • Import article master data from Excel
  • Stocks are updated by purchases / sales
  • Configure depreciation of fixed assets

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