Invoices Tutorial:
Create and send debtor / sales invoices

Tutorial: Create sales invoice, add items, structure and complete with text templates. And then off as a FAX, sorry, email of course.


  1. Create invoice
  2. Structuring and design
  3. Invoice preview, attach text blocks / PDF
  4. Download PDF invoice or send by e-mail
  5. Book payment and change status
  6. Good to know
Screenshot of an invoice document created in CashCtrl

Traceable billing of expenses and services - a great thing. Invoices are posted directly by CashCtrl in the background and the reports are updated.

With or without sales tax or VAT.

1. How do I create an invoice?

No big deal in CashCtrl: In the module Orders choose Invoices and create via Add a new invoice.

Enter all the details in the dialog window that appears:

  • Business partner
  • Positions
  • Person in charge
  • Language
  • Discount etc.
Screenshot of the Add Invoice dialog

2. Structuring and design

To structure the document there are the following possibilities:

  • Title
  • Text (aso from templates)
  • Option total
  • Subtotal
  • Page break

The individual lines can be dragged and dropped into the desired order.

In addition, the language of the document, a discount and the rounding option can be set here.

Once all the information has been entered, Save & open opens the preview of the document.

Screenshot of the Add dropdown menu for structuring the invoice document

3. Invoice preview and attaching texts and PDF

Save & open creates a PDF preview of the invoice. In this view, text above and text below the table can be inserted in the sidebar. Templates can also be saved and selected here for efficient work.

In the PDF tab, a PDF document such as terms and conditions can be uploaded. This will be merged with the invoice to a PDF document.

Go to text template tutorial

Go to PDF Attachment tutorial

Screenshot of PDF preview with editor in the sidebar for texts above and below.

4. Download invoice as PDF or send by email

From the detail view the invoice can be downloaded as PDF. By clicking on PDF the download is started and CashCtrl asks if the status of the document should be set to open.
When sending the PDF by e-mail, the status is automatically set to "open". This will automatically make the appropriate posting to the debtor account.

For sending e-mails, texts can be saved as templates and automated with variables, e.g. the salutation.

Info page: Sending documents by e-mail

Go to tutorial: Set up SMTP server for sending e-mails

Screenshot of sending an invoice by email directly from CashCtrl

5. Book payment. Change status.

Once the payment has been received in the bank account, the payment booking can be entered. The invoice is selected in the overview and marked as paid via Next step Paid. CashCtrl will ask if the payment should be entered. In the following window the book entry can be made.

Important: A status is only a label and has no influence on the debtor account, i.e. whether amounts are still open or not.

Screenshot of the recording of the payment of an order document in CashCtrl

6. Good to know

  • CashCtrl PRO has an import function for bank transactions. This means that payments no longer have to be entered manually.
  • Possible files according to ISO 20022 standard: camt.052, camt.053, camt.054 (version 8, 2019) and MT940. The files can also be uploaded zipped. CashCtrl will gradually recognize the data and let you work more accurately and correctly with each import.
  • Learn more about importing with CashCtrl PRO
Screenshot of an import session for bank transactions via camt file