Create sales and purchase invoices and download them as PDF

Invoicing does several things automatically in the background: The document is available as a PDF download, the amounts are booked and the reports are updated. Time saving included.

With your own logo and selectable document template, a uniform appearance is guaranteed. It should also be possible to work efficiently with CashCtrl FREE.

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Use your own logo and ready-made templates

Store your own logo and bank details and you are ready to invoice.

Articles or services are stored in the inventory and simply added to the document as a position. For the layout, select from the preconfigured document templates, for example print version or digital version — with or without QR payment slip.

All documents (invoices, credit notes, purchase invoices, etc.) are available as PDF downloads.

Screenshot of a draft invoice document

Automatic booking of invoice items

If an invoice is created and the status is set to "open", the corresponding customer booking is automatically created in the journal. If the corresponding bank transfer is received, the payment can be entered directly in the order. The payment booking is again automatically updated in the journal.

The profit and loss accounts defined for each position / article category are automatically posted to. Manual booking is no longer necessary, thus saving time.

Screenshot of the draft document with the opened booking overview

Using text templates and variables

Documents can be provided with individual texts, which can be stored as templates. Thanks to variables, the templates always adapt to the recipient and select, for example, the correct salutation. This avoids typos and customers receive professional, consistent texts.

Screenshot of the invoice design with text templates and variables

Create subscriptions and recurring invoices

CashCtrl offers the possibility to configure recurring invoices. The icon in the invoice dialog is used to set a Recurrences from daily, weekly up to quarterly and (half)yearly.

This is an easy way to manage recurring invoices like annual fees or subscriptions.


Screenshot of the "Recurrence dialog" of an invoice

In a nutshell. Invoicing with CashCtrl means:

  • Time saving through automatic booking
  • Consistent look with logo, text templates and placeholders
  • Manage subscriptions with recurrences

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