Invoice document in CashCtrl

With sales and purchasing

All documents (invoices, credit notes, purchase invoices, etc.) can be downloaded as a PDF.  With the configured templates, you can create invoices with your logo and items/stock items from your inventory.


Work quickly with templates

Record items and see a preview of the document. You have the option of adding a header and footer. Experienced customers can use the placeholders in text templates. Placeholders (variables) allow you to create dynamic texts. For example, they automatically adjust the name of the administrator or show the days for a deadline in a certain place.

Invoice positions dialogue in CashCtrl

Invoice line items are automatically entered. This means that you can complete a large part of your accounting over the course of the year.

Credit notes, recurring invoices, and partial payments

Credit can also be settled in several installments. This means that partial payments are also possible. The booking window for a document displays all contained bookings. Subscriptions (recurring invoices) and individual invoices are possible.