Use collective entries

With the collective entry function, several entries can be combined and listed in one journal entry. Perfect for entering, for example, vouchers for an employee's expense reports.

1. Enter collective entry

Via Add/Add collective entries the dialog opens. In addition to a description, you can enter a general name for all postings in the Business Partner field. Since the expense report contains different bookings, the field is not filled in here.

The expense report shown is for a business trip to Zurich and includes two train rides, dinner, and hotel accommodation.

2. Recording of the expenses

Since the company in the example is not liable for VAT, no input tax was specified. CashCtrl continuously shows you the debit/credit difference between the bookings, so discrepancies in the input can be avoided as much as possible.

3. Enter counter account

After all documents and amounts have been entered, do not forget to enter the clearing payment entry. Conclude with save. In the journal, the collective posting is displayed with an icon and number in the first column. The number indicates how many entries are included.

4. Arrange

The individual booking lines can be moved at any time using drag & drop. This way, even many booking lines can be arranged afterwards and the order can be rearranged as desired. To do this, click on a line with the mouse, hold it and move it. Release at the desired position — done!

Screenshot of collective entry with moving of a booking line

Overview and control

In the different account journals, the collective entry is displayed as a whole and not the individual entry. You can view the broken down collective posting under Reports/account statements. There, each bookentry contained is displayed as an individual item.