Invite and manage users

Creating a new user:in is simple. The role is selected, the name is set and an email address is entered.

CashCtrl then sends an email with an invitation. If the invitee already has a CashCtrl account, he/she will be informed about the access to the new organization. If no account exists, CashCtrl creates one and sends a token along.

Screenshot of the user management in CashCtrl

Manage user roles

Here you can see directly which role is assigned how often. Roles can be copied and edited. Thus individual rights can be assigned.

Screenshot of the role administration

Customize user roles

Create custom roles that allow you to restrict user access very specifically. For example, a read-only role that can only see the order area.

This way you can work in a team, with clear distribution of tasks between users or between trustee and client.

Screenshot of the roles editing

In a nutshell. Users and roles with CashCtrl means:

  • Different roles depending on responsibility
  • Predefined roles for administrator, guest, and trustee
  • Own roles with individual rights for reading, creating, editing and deleting

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