Overview orders with different labels

Order processing with CashCtrl PRO is inspired by the ideas behind bigger ERP solutions. As few specifications as possible and a generic, tabular structure. This allows for a broad range of application possibilities. Users should always have a full overview and a sense of control when working with CashCtrl.

Detailed document view

Order management, own documents

The software comprises a comprehensive order processing feature including offers, delivery notes, invoices, overdue notices, credit notes, and more. It is possible to create text templates and multilingual documents as needed.

Creating a workflow

Set up a workflow

You can set up a workflow in accordance with your business field – CashCtrl offers a wide range of options. A standard procedure is pre-configured, but can be completely adjusted to your preferences. After all, you're the one who decides how you want to work.
Get in touch with us if you need help with the configuration.

Work with variables (placeholders) and use dynamic information (such as a person's name or date of birth, size of an article, etc.) in text templates. This allows you to generate more sophisticated workflows.