Purchase invoice, offer, final invoice: versatile order processing.

A garage needs an order form with lots of info, a pastry chef needs an order form for cakes, and an engineering office needs a quote with lots of options.

Everything is possible. Status, categories and document templates are freely definable. This ensures that CashCtrl fits as many industries as possible.

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Screenshot of the orders module with categories overview on the left and tabular order view on the right

Categories, status and list view - Finding and not searching.

The order processing in CashCtrl is composed of a column with categories, their status and the overview with up to 100 orders per page.
You can switch between sales and purchasing via tabs.

Columns can be arranged, filtered, shown/hidden. Additionally created information in own fields (custom fields) can also be shown as columns. So CashCtrl can be configured exactly for your own needs.


No document gets lost anymore

A standard workflow is preconfigured, but can be completely customized. The idea of the workflow is to create an order only once (e.g. as an offer) and then to "move" the document to the next category via Next step. This way, no more documents will be lost.

In the background, these steps automatically create the bookings or influence the stock.

Screenshot of the orders module with opened dropdown menu for selecting the columns display

Options on offers and documents

If different options are to be offered, this can be represented with the help of title, text and option total. Furthermore, subtotal and page break are possible, so that unlimited offers and invoices can be made.

Edit offer dialog screenshot

Always the right text at hand

Texts on offers or greeting texts can be automated with templates and variables. Variables are placeholders that display specific information about the order or the recipient in the text. In this way, the text can automatically refer to the order or certain options. So goodbye typos.

Screenshot order preview with text at the top and text at the bottom fields left

Serial invoices and memberships made easy

The same invoice can be created for dozens or even hundreds of recipients. For example, for memberships, donation requests or even associations. An invoice is taken as a template and the new addresses are selected. With one click, the software creates individual documents for each recipient.

Annual invoices for club members are a snap.

Screenshot of an invoice sent to many recipients.

Recurring Invoices and Documents

To ensure that no invoices are forgotten, Recurrences can be set up in CashCtrl. The software then automatically creates the new documents as specified and sends a reminder email to the user as soon as new invoices are available in the system.

This way, memberships, subscriptions and services can be invoiced on time.

Screenshot of the Recurrences dialog in CashCtrl.

In a nutshell. Order processing with CashCtrl means:

  • Preconfigured order processing for purchasing and sales
  • Status, categories and documents completely customizable
  • Perfect also for your industry

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