Create API User

CashCtrl offers an API connection. In order to receive an API key an API user must be created once. This is the mini instructions.

1. Call up menu

New users can be created with the owner or a user with administrator access. Either via Settings/Users & Roles or directly in the top right corner via Users & Roles.


How to create an API user in CashCtrl

2. Create API user

Add a new user via Add/Add API User Add. Specify which role he/she is allowed to take on (normally administrator) and save. The API key will be shown automatically.


A new API user is entered in the accounting software CashCtrl.

3. Copy and use API key

Your API key is automatically displayed. Copy it and get started. To generate a new API key the user can be deleted and a new one created. Enjoy!

This is how you copy the API Key