Create an API User

Tutorial: CashCtrl provides an advanced REST-based API connection. An API user must be created for the API key.


  1. Open Users & Roles Menu
  2. Create API User
  3. Copy and use API Key
Screenshot of the creation of a new API Key in the CashCtrl Users & Roles administration

1. Access Users & Roles Menu

New API users can be created with different rights. To do this, go to Settings Users & Roles or directly at the top right via Users & Roles to call up the corresponding menu.

Screenshot of the settings in CashCtrl

2.  Create API User

Create a new user via Add API User. You still have to define which role the user will have ( preferably administrator) and complete the process by clicking Save. The API key will be shown automatically.

Screenshot of the Users & Roles management in CashCtrl when creating a new API User

3. Copy and use API Key

The API Key will be shown automatically. Copy it and start using it. To generate a new API Key you can delete the user and create a new one from scratch. Have fun with it!

How to read the API Key