Item images on invoices

Sometimes a description is not enough and an item or object needs to be shown as a picture. With stored images for articles in the inventory or directly uploaded images, appealing documents can be created.

Screenshot of an invoice with item images in CashCtrl
Screenshot: Invoice document with item images for the items

Item images can be entered in two ways. 1. upload the images directly when creating the invoice for an item (go to 3). 2. assign them to an item in the inventory beforehand and then have them selected automatically.

1. First assign the pictures in the inventory to the articles

Adding a picture to an article is simple. The gallery opens via the article dialogue and the tab Pictures. Files can be dragged and dropped into the window or added by selecting them from the file manager or computer on the right. The first picture is automatically the main picture. The pictures can be dragged into the desired order.

In order to keep a good overview of the pictures, it is advisable to set a meaningful file name (not like we did here) or to enter a description for the uploaded picture.

Add screenshot images to an article by drag and drop

2. Article overview

No images are displayed directly in the overview. The icon in the info column on the far left shows whether an image is attached to an article. You can hover over it with the mouse and the image will appear. It is always the first picture in the gallery that is shown.

Screenshot article overview with image mouseover

3. Create document

Entering an invoice is the same as always. If items already have pictures, they are added, otherwise they can be uploaded directly.

Images uploaded in the item dialogue remain saved in the file manager, but are not added to an inventory item.

Screenshot invoice dialogue with individual positions

Single images or multiple images?

CashCtrl shows the available images in the Images tab per item. Modifications in the postition dialogue have no effect on the images in the inventory. If only one image is available, the one on the document is automatically displayed.

If an item has more than one picture, you can delete the superfluous ones and drag the desired one to the first position.

Screenshot: Image selection for an item on the invoice document

4. Select document template

After the positions, the document template is selected. Select the desired one and voilà, the positions now have nicely structured images.

Screenshot: invoice configuration with document templates
QR Invoice with item images

And because we like it so much, here is the finished document with several pictures.