Search, Filter and Auto-Complete

Always in control, always with everything in view. That is our premise. Sensible filters and sorting functions. Also available as Excel to pass on.

CashCtrl offers a variety of filters and sortings. For example, filter by accounts or search across fields with the search field in the upper right corner.

Notes in CashCtrl are also covered by the search. It makes sense that postings and transactions are always described according to the same pattern. This way you will never lose track with filters and search terms and find the needle in the haystack immediately.

You can also enter filter criteria for each column. If a filter is active, the name of the column is displayed in bold and italics. In the filter menu under the item "Cancel all filters" you can remove all filter criteria.

You are free to show and hide columns. In the menu item "Columns" you can adjust the view.

Columns can be dragged by mouse into the best order.