Reports, evaluations, statistics

The report part of CashCtrl enables the evaluation of accounting data. Income statement and balance sheet, profit by article, balance development, etc. can be combined individually or as sets and can be exported as PDF. New reports are added on an ongoing basis.

Illustration of reports from CashCtrl

Report sets

Under "Reports" you can compile individual report sets by first creating a new set and then adding reports to this set. Click on "Add" at the top to create a new set. Give the set a name such as "Sales statistics", add additional text and save the set.


Screenshot dropdown menu CashCtrl reports

Several reports can be added to the set, e.g. "Income by customer", "Expense" by "Supplier", and so on. To do this, select the set and add the desired report to the set via "Add" at the top.

Each report has individual options and the possibility to add a title and a description text. Useful if the reports are to be passed on.

Screenshot CashCtrl reports set configuration

Display period

The evaluated period of the reports can be displayed independently of the accounting period. Select a period at the top of the right-hand side, e.g. 2016 / Q4, and all reports will use this period. Next to it, the language can be changed.

Screenshot dropdown menu select period in the reports

Export reports

Finally, you can export the compilation as a PDF (or Excel / CSV for PRO clients) by clicking on the "PDF" button above.

Screenshot of exporting the reports