Invoice with down payment / partial payment

How can a partial payment be entered in CashCtrl? The tutorial shows in a simple way how this can be done. For example, repair orders or purchase orders that require a down payment can be processed. The payments are immediately listed on the document.

1. first instalment has been paid

The invoice has been sent to a customer and the first partial payment has been transferred. For explanation purposes, the payment is posted manually here. This can also be done automatically. With the import function for bank transactions (camt053, camt054 files) an open invoice is automatically recognised and the payment is booked.

Enter payment in CashCtrl with Continue as/Payment.

2. enter payment

Click on "Next Step/Payment" to open the payment dialogue. It automatically shows the full invoice amount. The amount can be adjusted as desired. Conclude with "Save".

Booking dialogue for entering a payment.

3. Down payment is listed on document

The recorded payment is listed on the document with the payment date. The outstanding total is listed at the bottom. This way, the document can be sent to clients again if necessary.

First deposit on an invoice is listed on the document and the invoice amount is adjusted.

4. Another partial payment arrives

The document is still open as it has not yet been paid in full. Further partial payments can be entered via "Next step/Payment". This procedure is the same for all subsequent partial payments.

Another payment is recorded.

5. All partial payments are listed

All subsequent partial payments are shown with date and amount on the invoice document.

Another partial payment is shown on the document.

6. Book last payment

The last payment is entered via "Next step/Paid". This changes the status of the document and opens the payment dialogue. This automatically shows the remaining amount. This completes the document and the entire amount is paid.

Information dialogue whether a payment is to be recorded.
Screenshot/view of an invoice with all partial payments listed.

All partial payments have been received, the order is now paid in full.

Listing of all payment entries of the invoice document.

The individual bookings of the document can be viewed. In the order overview under "More/Bookings" and in the detailed view above via "Bookings".

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