API und Open Source Tools for CashCtrl

Automate time-consuming processes with scripts for CashCtrl's rest-oriented API. This connects third party applications like eCommerce, websites, intranet, extranet to the ERP software. Developers will find all useful tools and free scripts to extend.

CashCtrl contains an extensive API and leaves a lot of room for configuring and implementing your own ideas. Connect cash register systems, specific applications, own databases etc. directly. Start into the future with lean and efficient workflows.

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Test API free of charge

The API is organized around REST and has clear resource-oriented URLs. It accepts form-encoded requests, returns JSON-encoded responses, and uses standard HTTP response codes. The API can be tested for free. Simply register, activate PRO Demo and create API user.

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API Specifications
  •     REST-based with clear, resource-oriented URLs

  •     Accepts GET and POST requests with form-encoded bodies

  •     Returns JSON encoded responses

  •     Standard HTTP response codes

  •     Basic HTTP Auth with generated API key
  •     Requires CashCtrl PRO
  •     Requires one API user per organization

Third party offers

WooCommerce Plugin from FlowPro

FlowPro company from Hombrechtikon specializes in automating processes and develops Wordpress plugins for CashCtrl.

The main product is the CashCtrl Gateway for WooCommerce. With this it is possible to synchronize all WooCommerce orders directly from the store with CashCtrl accounting. The WooCommerce plugin relies on CashCtrl's API interface and is easy to install.

Marc Bleuler, Hofacherstrasse 5, 8634 Hombrechtikon, Switzerland
Commercial register Zurich, Switzerland: CHE-345.241.240

FlowPro website

FlowPro WooCommerce plugin for CashCtrl

Apptiva AG: Applications for your business, made in Switzerland

Apptiva AG from Sempach, Lucerne, specializes in the development of individual software solutions. In doing so, they support companies in digitizing and accelerating their business processes. Apptiva AG uses agile, effective and modern methods and technologies for this purpose. The development takes place 100% in Switzerland.

Apptiva itself has been using CashCtrl since 2015 and is very familiar with the software.

Apptiva AG
Linus Hüsler, Eichweid 1, 6203 Sempach Station
+41 41 322 26 26

Zur Website

Konzentriertes Arbeiten im Apptiva AG Office

Courses for property management with ImmoShome and CashCtrl

ImmoShome is a real estate software and offers courses for property and condominium management at HEV Zurich.

"With immoShome we can create service charge statements & property expenses accurately, cleanly and on time. Furthermore, additional features simplify other internal business areas. For us, the software is a must and we can't imagine doing without it." L. Niethammer, St. Gallen

Wulche-Software GmbH
Mattenweg 25, 5607 Hägglingen, Switzerland

+41 71 680 0 670

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Screenshot immoshome.ch

Course management of the new generation with welante

welante is the innovative course management software for companies that are active in the field of education and training. With welante, contacts, courses and invoices are centrally organized in one system. With comprehensible processes, e.g. room and resource planning are maintained and evaluated. Everybody benefits - individual employees as well as your course visitors. Curious?

We look forward to hearing from you.

welante GmbH
Reinertweg 4, 4500 Solothurn

+41 32 621 05 34

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JKweb develops customized API connections for you.

At a certain point it is worth to automate processes. To book online store sales manually or to trade reservations in Excel is not target-oriented. JKweb from Zurich/Basel/Bern is specialized in efficient connections and web solutions.

Inquiries can be sent directly to JKweb.

JKweb, Zurich Office
Universitätstrasse 87, 8006 Zurich
+41 44 527 98 00

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JKweb logo with stylish violett smoke

Renuo AG: Specialist for individual software development

The team of Renuo AG is specialized in the development of individual applications as well as related interfaces (API). As a longtime user of CashCtrl they know the program very well.

Requests can be sent directly to Renuo AG.

Renuo AG
Industriestrasse 44, 8304 Wallisellen
+41 44 500 83 50

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Renuo Logo with stylish background

Towards GmbH: The Ruby on Rails professionals of Switzerland

We develop your projects with Ruby and Ruby on Rails. With the "Track Platform as a Service" for your Ruby on Rails websites and web applications, you can quickly and easily deploy your production-ready code on our own Swiss cloud infrastructure.

Requests can be sent directly to Towards GmbH.

towards GmbH
Gerbergasse 13
4001 Basel

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Towards Logo with stylish background

Are you developing connections to APIs like CashCtrl's?

Ingenious. We offer IT service providers that we introduce them with two or three sentences on cashctrl.com. That way you reach a huge biotope of entrepreneurs. You can then contact them independently of us, for connections or other projects.

About a small script that we can provide free of charge we would be happy. Grow together, get ahead together.

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