Connecting other applications to CashCtrl


  1. Woocommerce web store connections
  2. Appointment management and billing
  3. Insurance and salary administration for employees
  4. Course administration and billing
  5. Renuo
  6. Apptiva
  7. novu
  8. BeeBase
Illustration API connections
FlowPro Logo

Woocommerce webshop automation

Automating business processes means that they are cheaper, faster and more error-free. Automating processes means, for example, that employees can focus on more exciting and important tasks, making their job more attractive.

   Marc Bleuler
   FlowPro, Hofacherstrasse 5, 8634 Hombrechtikon
eTermin Logo

eTermin - Manage, plan and charge appointments online

A flexible booking system for offline and online appointments. eTermin offers a variety of functions to manage and sell webinars, calls and other services.

Function with CashCtrl: Via the API interface to CashCtrl, eTermin books sold services such as courses and automatically creates invoices for your customers.

   eTermin GmbH, Mättivor 3, 6430 Schwyz

The new generation of course management

Welante is the software for companies in the education and training sector. You organize your contacts, courses and invoices centrally in one system.

Digital processes enable networked information and create automated workflows. Everyone benefits - individual employees as well as your customers. Curious? We look forward to hearing from you.

Function with CashCtrl: All bookings created in welante can be transferred directly to CashCtrl via the API interface.

  welante GmbH, Reinertweg 4, CH-4500 Solothurn

quitt - the web app for hiring and payroll accounting for your employees

Register yourself, your domestic help or your employees in the web app. quitt then takes care of the employment contracts, insurance and payroll accounting for you. 100% digital.

Function with CashCtrl: The booking journal can be exported from quitt as a CSV and imported into CashCtrl for further processing.

   Andres Roost
   ServiceHunter AG, Birmensdorferstrasse 94, 8003 Zürich

IT service providers with CashCtrl experience

Apptiva AG: Applications for your business, made in Switzerland

Apptiva AG from Sempach, Lucerne, specializes in the development of individual software solutions. They support companies in the digitalization and acceleration of their business processes. Apptiva AG uses agile, effective and modern methods and technologies. Development takes place 100% in Switzerland.

Apptiva itself has been using CashCtrl since 2015 and is very familiar with the software.

Apptiva AG
Eichweid 1, 6203 Sempach Station
  Linus Hüsler      +41 41 322 26 26

Renuo AG: Specialist for individual software development

The Renuo AG team specializes in the development of individual applications and associated interfaces (API). As long-time users of CashCtrl, they know the program very well.

Renuo AG
   Industriestrasse 44, 8304 Wallisellen
   +41 44 500 83 50


novu: Code, Design & Concept

At a certain point, it pays to automate processes. Booking online store sales manually or dealing with reservations in Excel is not expedient. Novu from Zurich/Basel/Bern specializes in efficient connections and web solutions.

novu Basel
Gempenstrasse 10, 4053 Basel
   061 515 60 36

BeeBase GmbH - Integration experts from Winterthur

The BeeBase team supports Swiss SMEs in the development, implementation, maintenance and support of their IT systems. Their areas of specialization include in particular the integration of software (such as CashCtrl) into established or newly designed complete IT solutions. The contact person is Pascal Borner.

BeeBase GmbH
Klosterstrasse 34, 8406 Winterthur
   +41 52 511 79 90

Courses and training

Courses for property management with ImmoShome and CashCtrl

ImmoShome is a real estate software and offers courses for the management of properties and condominiums at HEV Zurich. Among other things, they use CashCtrl for bookkeeping.

Wulche-Software GmbH
Mattenweg 25, 5607 Hägglingen
  +41 71 680 0 670