CashCtrl PRO as well as FREE are being developed continuously. We work to facilitate your work as much as possible. News about the development and planned features you'll find here in the roadmap or via newsletter in your inbox.

Ideas, criticism and suggestions for improvement are always welcome. As a customer you have the chance to bring in your own ideas because we are keen on optimizing CashCtrl further and further.

For example, do you need a new report that CashCtrl doesn't provide yet? Let us know, there is a good chance that we'll implement it. We like to facilitate your work!

Upcoming features:

  • Payroll accounting

Planned release:
Q2 2024

January 16th, 2024

Details about the scope of payroll accounting

The development of the payroll module is progressing. We can already say with certainty that the following features will come with the release of the alpha/beta phase of payroll accounting:

Salary configuration

  •   Payroll templates
  •   Layouts
  •   Salary types
  •   Salary sums/bases
  •   Status

Salary statements

  • Detailed view (PDF)
  • Payment order (pain.001)
  • Send email
  • Book entries
  • Recurrences
  • Reconciliation with camt.052/053/054

Salary certificates

  • Staff salary list
  • Salary accounts
  • Salary type recapitulation
  • Salary type list
  • Salary book entries

Bank accounts

It is also planned to implement the following features:

  • Person detail view (with person sheet, orders, salary statements, salary certificates, book entries)
  • History for salary statements, orders and persons
  • Column configurations that can be saved (in all modules)
  • Filters that can be saved (in all modules)
  • Payment order (pain.001) also for orders

Possibly coming in a later release ( unknown when):

  • Swissdec/ELM
July 25th, 2023

Release 1.19

There is a small release before payroll accounting after all. Payroll has been in development since April 2023 (was in the concept phase before that) and is progressing. The planned release in Q2 2024 still looks realistic. We will not be able to communicate a more specific release date until the final months of development when we can say this with certainty.

There will also be an alpha and beta phase. In the alpha phase, selected customers will be able to test payroll accounting and give feedback before payroll accounting is released. If you would like to be part of this, please contact us.

In the beta phase all customers can test and use payroll accounting and give feedback.

The current release includes two features:

  • Import book entries from Excel/CSV (e.g., from Stripe, PayPal, sum-up, etc., and exports from third-party software).
  • Formula columns in reports (a column which is calculated from other columns).

With formula columns also comes an overhaul of the column configuration in reports. These are now no longer configured in the view, i.e. shown and hidden, but in the report configuration (in the report's edit dialog). This way, custom fields can also be displayed in every applicable report.

November 1st, 2022

Price increase / News about payroll accounting

The base price has been increased from CHF 295.00 to 340.00. This is the first price increase after 10 years.

With this release we also fixed some bugs. In the next months, until the still undetermined release of the payroll accounting, we will only make stability updates and will not release any more major features.

The payroll accounting is currently in the concept phase.

June 15th, 2022

Release 1.18


  • Import of articles (Excel, CSV)
  • Import of persons (Excel, CSV)
  • Improved multilingualism
  • Monthly closings

More features & changes

  • Switch between single entry and collective entry via keyboard shortcut
  • Orders: New item types: Title and option total - thus several offers can be displayed on one offer document
  • New field "UID" (VAT no.) for persons
  • Date changeable for currency exchange differences
  • Via API user-defined settings can be saved and retrieved
  • Fiscal periods menu somewhat simplified
  • Tax rate can be displayed per item on order documents


  • Fixed: Payment: Exchange rate refresh button always uses rate from current date, not from payment date
  • Fixed: JavaScript error when editing custom fields
  • Fixed: SMTP: For testing the connection you have to re-enter the password every time
  • Fixed: Error when creating recurring order documents
  • Fixed: Alt+1, Alt+2, etc. on MacOS does not work to enter special characters
  • Fixed: Currency rate does not change when selecting another account with different currency
  • Fixed: Quotation marks in email text are stored HTML-encoded - leads to problems
  • Fixed: Error message "No. is already used by another document" if invoice and reminder have the same no.
  • Fixed: Incorrect open amount is displayed for a document without book entries
  • Fixed: ​Text field as filter for stock
  • Fixed: ​Text before apostrophe is truncated in QR address
  • Fixed: Debit/Credit switch button does not work for neutral accounts
  • Fixed: Order: Detail view: No addresses yet: Newly created address is not automatically selected
February 14th, 2022

Release 1.17


  • PRO: Create a document for multiple customers / categories at once

  • PRO: Send multiple documents by e-mail at once

  • Change the status of multiple documents at once
  • Create book entries / payments for multiple documents at once
  • Continue multiple documents as ...

More features & changes

  • An option to leave the amount empty in the QR invoice (document template / footer)

  • Locations can be marked as inactive
  • Fiscal periods link also in the Settings
  • New column "business partner" in Recurrences (Journal, Orders)


  • Fixed: Table export of files is always empty
  • Fixed: JsonMappingException when listing fiscal periods
  • Fixed: OpenXML4JRuntimeException when generating Excel files
  • Fixed: When editing a collective entry row: The cost centers tab stays disabled, even though there are cost centers
  • Fixed: When adding an order item without choosing an article, the tax field is not automatically filled from the default account
  • Fixed: Validation errors of fields in collapsed field sets are not visible
  • Fixed: When adding an order item for the second time, the default account is removed
  • Fixed: Order category: Status when downloaded / sent: The first time an ID is displayed instead of the name, and the list is empty
  • Fixed: Under certain conditions when multi-selecting and then selecting a single entry, the wrong entry is openend (not the selected one)
  • Fixed: Import of camt-file fails when there are different currencies (even though a currency conversion exists)
  • Fixed: Edit white label: Logo sometimes doesn't load
  • Fixed: Antivirus-Browser-Plugin problems with the login screen (False Positive)
  • Fixed: Accounts are not refreshed in the tax dialog
January 11th, 2022

Legal form change

Our company Repix LLC has been transformed into CashCtrl Ltd.

September 27th, 2021

Release 1.16


  • PRO: Cost centers
  • PRO: Article images (can be displayed on documents)
  • Recurrence of book entries
  • PRO: Your own SMTP Mailserver configurable in the user profile
  • New reports: Book entry lines, org chart (PRO), Revenue by responsible person (PRO)

More features & changes

  • Notes for organizations
  • Inventory: Services are not separated from regular articles anymore, they are now articles just the same
  • For every article category you can open a separate tab
  • "Apply & new" in collective book entries and order items
  • Inventory: Default accounts and sequence numbers of all articles can now be edited by clicking on the root node "All articles" (before, this was only under Settings)
  • Orders: Documents can now be added or removed from a Dossier afterwards
  • Journal: Attachments now also for import entries
  • Recurrences: Let the entry be created X days before the next date
  • Recurrences: List of all recurrences now in a dialog under More / Recurrences (in Orders and Journal)
  • Sequence number now skips over the next number if it already exists
  • New dialog to manage fiscal periods, can be opened from any date field
  • Orders: New document templates (digital template, and templates with article images)
  • Orders: HTML/CSS of system document templates can now be overwritten (not necessary to copy the template anymore)
  • People: Custom fields are now imported/exported with vCards
  • Orders: In the text above/below you can now use hyperlinks, in text templates as well


  • Fixed: Batch transactions in camt-files are not supported
  • Fixed: Old logo still displayed in documents after replacing the logo (file)
  • Fixed: Article-dropdown in order items becomes unresponsive with over 100'000 articles
  • Fixed: Person-dropdown extremely slow with over 20'000 people
  • Fixed: A maximum of 10'000 table rows are printed in a PDF
  • Fixed: When changing the main currency, the currency in the book entry dialog is not changed (a problem for FREE users)
  • Fixed: When creating an offer from an invoice the invoice is referenced on the offer document (which makes no sense) - now the order of the categories is considered
  • Fixed: Custom field remains in the "More" tab in the Person dialog, even after deleting the custom field or changing its tab name
  • Fixed: The rounding mode can be changed after already being used (which can change order totals retroactively if an old order is openend and saved again)
  • Fixed: In the targets report totals are summed up incorrectly with multiple currencies
  • Fixed: Filename of downloaded document (or sent via e-mail) is not translated
  • Fixed: Collective book entries: Sporadic: Copying rows multiple times results in an error
  • Fixed: Orders: In the "Responsible person" field the ID instead of the name is shown if the person is marked inactive
February 9th, 2021

Release 1.15


  • PRO: File Manager / Attachments everywhere
  • Backups restorable by user (and PRO: create manual backups)
  • PRO: Append PDF to order documents (can be set in category or document)
  • PRO: Generated PDF of purchase orders can be replaced by uploaded PDF (e.g. PDF received from your vendor)

More features & changes

  • Adapted the Terms of service (regarding files)
  • Main menu items can be shown/hidden
  • Half year and 2-year subscriptions for PRO
  • Logo is no more set in the organization, but in locations
  • Reference to the previous document on an order document (e.g. offer date/no. on an invoice, and invoice date on the reminder)
  • Checkbox "Send copy to me" in Send e-mail dialog (Orders)
  • User can still log in even if he has no organizations left
  • Checkbox "Hide total bar" in Cashflow report
  • Payments and open amount now displayed on invoice documents and reminders (in the PDF) - kann be configured in the document template
  • Stock articles can now have a unit
  • Company or first and last name will be displayed on the document in the address window if there is no address defined, yet
  • Location / Logo can be changed in Report set


  • Fixed: Sporadic error when deleting an organization
  • Fixed: Unexpected error in Journal import dialog, if target account is not filled
  • Fixed: Print feature in the PDF viewer prints everything blurry (low DPI)
  • Fixed: Orders: Open amount empty, even though there are book entries (must be 0.00)
July 20th, 2020

Release 1.14


More features & changes

  • Adapted the Terms of Service (entry about API)

  • Discount can be defined for people (and categories)
  • Discount on item can override discount on total
  • For collective entries you can now enter a general business partner as well as business partner per item
  • Support for larger numbers
  • Article numbers now inexactly searchable (part of the number)


  • Fixed: Conflict when two people have the same name (first name, last name and company name are the same)
  • Fixed: Document templates not sortable
  • Fixed: Antivirus applications like Avira Antivir or Kaspersky block the login page (false positive)
  • Fixed: Uploaded image is not validated for Locations
  • Fixed: Report "Result by articles per person": Category filter doesn't work correctly
  • Fixed: Report "Result by articles per person": Unit is not displayed
  • Fixed: Orders: Next step / Continue does not work when switching between Sales and Purchase, and all items are manual (not from inventory)
  • Fixed: Page numbers move the centered footer text on the document
  • Fixed: Profile doesn't save when pressing ENTER in a password field
  • Fixed: Various exceptions
April 9th, 2020

Release 1.13


  • White Label for Enterprise:
    Use your own logo in the login screen and in the app, optionally handle support requests yourself, display contact information in the app for your clients, change your sub-domain ( at any time
  • Order documents can now be found via article numbers, item descriptions, etc.
  • Fixed: JavaScript error when loading currency in order document
  • Fixed: Opening book entries fail when profit/loss allocation entries exist in the same fiscal period
  • Fixed: QR invoice must have a white background and cover any kind of set background (e.g. letter paper)
  • Fixed: Error when deleting a fixed asset with purchase book entry
  • Fixed: Order document cannot be found via QR reference number
March 10th, 2020

Release 1.12


  • QR invoice Switzerland / Liechtenstein
  • QR invoice Europe (GiroCode)
  • Discount on total for invoices, offers, etc.
  • PRO: New report:  Result by articles per person

More features & changes

  • Inventory stock now allows up to 8 decimal places
  • Renamed VAT no. in UID
  • For order documents the last booking date now determines if the document is still displayed in the next period, no longer the last modification date
  • Account statements: If only one account is displayed then already expanded
  • In the country field you can now search for the country in multiple languages and variations (e.g. "USA" as well as "United States" will find the country)
  • The login / sign-up screen is now optimized for Mobile (the application remains not)


  • Fixed: Rounding is lost sometimes when editing the document in the detail view (Orders)
  • Fixed: Inactive tax rates are suggested in the journal import
  • Fixed: Sometimes the wrong account is loaded in Settings / Default accounts
  • Fixed: Address variable no longer wraps (due to double escaping)
  • Fixed: Tax rate is displayed on the document even though it's 0.00
November 25th, 2019

Release 1.11.0


  • PRO: Collective entries

  • PRO: Custom fields can be grouped in different tabs
  • VAT assessment based on the consideration received
  • Simplified opening entries
  • Simplified profit / loss allocation
  • First steps (Onboarding) in welcome screen

More features

  • PRO: More users & organizations can be bought directly now
  • Settings redesigned
  • Order edit dialog redesigned
  • Article custom fields can be inserted in Order items via variable
  • Up to 8 decimal places for currency exchange rates (previously 5)
  • URL in custom field is automatically linked (in table)
  • Orders: Open amount now corresponds to the entire order
  • Account 9900 removed from default chart of accounts
  • Table export as PDF: Texts in rows now vertically aligned to top, not centered
  • Variable names displayed in custom fields table
  • Article reports: Unit column now displayed
  • All types of sequence numbers selectable anywhere via Dropdown
  • Sequence number is incremented even if not default
  • Variables in sequence number pattern unified ($x anstatt %X)
  • Sequence number names now multilingual
  • Attachment for improvement suggestions
  • Article units now editable and multilingual
  • Orders: "Configure" button now opens the order category directly
  • Order category: Book entry template can now be created without account
  • In the Journal import sequence numbers are now automatically assigned and incremented
  • Orders: Sales tax / VAT now displayed in items table
  • Orders: Dossier menu improved (totals / open)
  • Notes and Recurrence now directly editable in table (mouse-click on notes icon)


  • Fixed: Column sorting is remembered but not applied upon first loading
  • Fixed: Currency exchange rate does not refresh when date changes (in order document)
  • Fixed: Orders: Detail view: New book entry does not refresh the document
  • Fixed:Google Chrome Autofill/Autocomplete interferes with some fields
  • Fixed: Reports: Column title not correct when showing hidden columns
  • Fixed: Wrong accounts/taxes when continuing sales document as purchase document
  • Fixed: Translation field: Language label conceals the text (Firefox)
  • Fixed: If "Add" button is focused in a dialog and you hit ENTER, it saves the dialog
  • Fixed: Sporadic "... already referenced" error when deleting entries (even though not referenced)
  • Fixed: Journal: Import window cannot be closed (unexpected error)
  • Fixed: Key figures report: First row is not displayed if it's not a title
  • Fixed: Wrong order in account dropdown when opening account journal
  • Fixed: Download of order document changes "Last updated" date
  • Fixed: Hyperlinks in notes do not work (cannot be clicked)
  • Fixed: When editing the custom address from within a document, the category field displays the ID
  • Fixed: Security vulnerability XXE (XML External Entities) in CAMT importer
  • Fixed: Unexpected error in vCard import (NPE)
  • Fixed: Memory leak from the HtmlEditor (notes, etc.)
  • Fixed: Crash, when text tab is open in order document and switching to another module and back
  • Fixed: Reports: Period menu displays "More" even though it's empty
  • Fixed: Address that is created on-the-fly in order document is not applied
  • Fixed: Invite user: First e-mail address is ignored in some cases
  • Fixed: Image size for logo not restricted (now max. 2500px)
  • Fixed: Journal: In CAMT files entries are not necessarily sorted by date which makes the prognosed balance incorrect
April 29th, 2019

Release 1.10.0


  • PRO: Import of bank statements / transactions, formats: ISO 20022 (camt.052, camt.053, camt.054), MT940, ZIP, TAR
  • Tabs in the Journal: Each account can be openend in its own tab (remains open)

More features

  • Hide account numbers in balance sheet / profit and loss statement reports
  • Reference can now be entered in a payment
  • Invoices: Exchange difference is automatically booked if the payment has a different currency exchange rate
  • Variables of an order document now available in the item name & description
  • Number of selected entries now displayed in every table
  • Thai Baht exchange rates
  • Payment book entries of orders directly deletable in the Journal
  • Balance progression report now cumulative for expenses, revenues
  • Keyboard shortcuts for various actions
  • Date created, last updated: Time now displayed as well
  • Accounts and order documents in reports are now linked (open the account journal resp. the document)
  • New fonts for document templates: All Open Sans styles, and new font: Oswald
  • Company field in person: You can now choose from existing companies
  • Attachments for support requests
  • Orders: Cancel recurrence (under More)
  • Account statements report: Account range can now be entered more flexible
  • New column for People: Website URL


  • Fixed: Google Chrome Autocomplete messes up various fields

  • Fixed: When changing the person in an order document the address is not changed
  • Fixed: Various JavaScript error messages from Promises
  • Fixed: Edit and delete buttons should not be displayed if the user doesn't have the corresponding access rights
  • Fixed: Address in purchase invoices not yet switched by default
  • Fixed: Inactive accounts should not be displayed in the Chart of accounts report
September 29th, 2018

Release 1.9.0


  • PRO: New report: Balance progression (line chart)
  • PRO: New report: Result by articles (pie chart)
  • PRO: New report: Revenue by customers (pie chart)
  • PRO: New report: Expense by vendors (pie chart)
  • PRO: New report: Balance share (pie chart)
  • PRO: New report: Profit & loss statement staggered-form (Drilldown)
  • New report: Balance list (table)
  • Example reports about your finances
  • PostFinance (Postcard or E-Finance) payment option for the PRO upgrade
  • New document template: With deposit slip already printed on

More features

  • Sub-totals for assets and liabilities in the balance sheet (before profit/loss)
  • New columns address, zip, location for the reports Revenue by customers / Expense by vendors (hidden by default)
  • Info, which user has last downloaded or sent an order document
  • Account numbers no longer restricted to 5 characters (now 20)
  • HTTP 2.0 for the server communication (better performance)
  • From-address can now be changed when sending e-mails (order documents)
  • New variables for the formula field: Years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds (useful for the Key figures report)
  • More consistent behaviour: Double-click of entries generally opens the edit dialog


  • Fixed: Sorting of table reports doesn't work anymore
  • Fixed: Error when importing vCards with mistakes (more robust now)
  • Fixed: Deposit slip should work the other way around as well (vendor to me)
  • Fixed: Export of Key figures report to Excel, CSV doesn't always work
  • Fixed: Text alignment centered/right sometimes doesn't work in the PDF
  • Fixed: Underlined text sometimes doesn't work in the PDF
  • Fixed: Selecting and deleting multiple reports and sets sometimes throws an error
  • Fixed: When copying a report it says "Edit" in the dialog title
  • Fixed: "You do not have the required permission for this action" when deleting my organization
  • Fixed: Newly created book templates in the order category only appear after reloading CashCtrl
  • Fixed: Order category: Status: Action field already filled when creating a new Status
April 27th, 2018

Release 1.8.0


  • Reports can now be added standalone (without set)
  • New variables for documents: Phone no. and e-mail address of recipient
  • Reports can now be copied
  • Trustee role added
  • Various bug fixes (7)
April 9th, 2018

Release 1.7.0


  • PRO: New report: Key figures BETA
  • Improved documentation
February 26th, 2018

Release 1.6.10


  • PRO: New report: Cash flow statement chart BETA
  • PRO: New general purpose report element: Text and image
February 15th, 2018

Release 1.6.8


  • PRO: Advanced organization management
  • PRO: CashCtrl house advertising removed in order document email (PRO)
  • Inactive people / articles are now displayed in reports, optionally hideable
  • Various bug fixes (16)
November 28th, 2017

Release 1.6.3


  • PRO: Custom fields now also for Journal and Accounts
  • Example reports pre-configured
  • Multiple totals calculated when selecting entries
  • New field for articles: Bin location
  • Title/Salutation now multilingual, plus new field: Gender
  • Title/Salutation is now being imported/exported with vCards
  • Long address of organization now breaks to new-line in document window
  • Text item in orders now allows rich text (with placeholders)
  • Various bug fixes
November 1st, 2017

Release 1.6.0


New reports system:

  • Reports are now interactive (only PDF before)
  • Report compilations (sets)
  • PRO: Excel and CSV export
  • Hierarchical reports (drill-down)
  • Show/hide columns, change order, sort
  • New report: Chart of accounts
  • New report: Result by articles (replaces Revenue by articles)
  • New time period menu, e.g. to quickly select quarters with 2 clicks
  • Title for every report overridable, hideable
  • Enter optional texts for every report (with placeholders)
  • Optional page break for every report
  • Various bug fixes
July 18th, 2017

The forum has been released:

May 7th, 2017

Release 1.5.19


  • Roundings for orders
  • Display of gross or net prices directly configurable in the document (instead of the document template)
  • Document template Swiss Post ES: Recipient address now on deposit slip, items now on the first page
  • Debit and credit can now be switched with one click in a book entry
  • Various bug fixes
April 23rd, 2017

Release 1.5.18


New reports system

  • Prices for articles and order items no longer restricted to 2 decimals (up to 8 decimals possible)
  • Prices for articles can be entered as either gross or net
  • Various bug fixes
April 16th, 2017

Release 1.5.17


  • Import/Export of vCards for People
  • New fields for People: Department, Date of birth
  • Document templates: Document title and page numbers can now be hidden
  • Various bug fixes
February 11th, 2017

Release 1.5.9


  • CashCtrl PRO demo version (30 days free of charge)
  • Downgrade from PRO to FREE now possible
  • Various bug fixes
December 22nd, 2016

Release 1.5.7


  • New feature: Net/flat tax rate (Saldo-/Pauschalsteuersatz)
  • Various bug fixes
September 20th, 2016

Release 1.5.0


  • PRO: Extensive order processing
    (offers, delivery notes, invoices, etc.)
  • PRO: Custom fields now for fixed assets as well
  • Short and long text for articles and services
  • Multiple locations for your organization
    (with each their own logo, address, etc.)
  • Welcome screen with useful tips
  • Download multiple documents at once (as PDF or ZIP)
  • Articles and services can be set inactive
  • Various bug fixes
March 13th, 2016

Release 1.4.1


  • Categories can now be assigned by drag & drop

  • New reports: Expense by vendors, expense by articles

  • Columns for account statements report now configurable

  • Manual book entries are recognized in the sales tax report

  • Various bug fixes


February 28th, 2016

Release 1.4.0


  • PRO: Define your own custom fields (for inventory, invoices and people)
  • CSV export for all tables
  • Better filtering capabilities (OR-filter, better date filter)
  • Various bug fixes
January 4th, 2016

Release 1.3.9



  • PRO: Invoice templates with own letter paper
  • Language configurable for people and invoices
  • Various bug fixes
August 2nd, 2015

Release 1.3.7


  • Email address of user now changeable
  • New help topic: FAQ
  • Green icon if filters are active
  • Various bug fixes
June 27th, 2015

Website optimized

Our website is now responsive, i.e. optimized for mobile phones, tablets and desktop. Enjoy!