Create reports and evaluations, monitor cash flow and export everything as Excel or PDF

CashCtrl PRO includes all available reports and evaluations. Individual report sets can be created and the appearance can be configured with additional elements as desired.

All reports are available for download as PDF, Excel document or CSV file.

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Available CashCtrl PRO reports

All CashCtrl FREE reports

  • Staggered income statement
  • Cash flow
  • Key figures
  • Revenue by customer (pie chart)
  • Expense by vendors (pie chart)
  • Result by articles (pie chart)
  • Balance share (pie chart)
  • Balance progression (line chart)
  • Text and image

Income statement staggered

An income statement in staggered form (EBITDA / EBIT / EBT) is available for the annual report. The levels can be defined by the user.

Screenshot of the staggered income statement report with configuration window

Calculate cash flow with formulas

With the Cashflow report you have a better overview of the inflow and outflow of cash and cash equivalents. A standard configuration of CashCtrl is set, which can be adjusted via formulas. Possible are account ranges with 1000:1999 and individual accounts comma-separated.

Screenshot of the cash flow report with configuration

Flexible key figures

The key figures report is structured in tabular form, an individual arrangement of the rows and titles is possible.

A created formula can be inserted as a variable in a new calculation. If a formula is only used for calculation, it can be hidden so that it is not listed in the report.

Via "Help" at the formula field you can go to the documentation / glossary of formulas. All variables are listed and explained.

Screenshot of the key figures report

Individual key figures with the formula column

The formula column is used to calculate individual key figures. It is available in all tabular reports, but not in graphical reports such as the pie chart.

This column is suitable, for example, to create a column for margin or other calculations.

Screenshot of the configuration of a report with the addition of a custom column with a custom calculation

All pie charts

Reports such as: Revenue by Customers, Expense by Vendors and Result by Articles can be presented as a pie chart.

Different accounts and account areas can be compared with the balance share pie chart. The configuration is kept simple. The values can be hidden by clicking on them.

Screenshot of the balance share report as pie chart

Balance progression line chart

Balance progression provides information about the development of various basic values over time using a line chart. As with the balance list, accounts can be summarized or displayed individually.

Balance progression line chart report screenshot

Inserting text and image in reports

Text and image is a completely free element, where any text and/or image can be inserted. The size and orientation of the image can be adjusted.

Thus, terms and conditions or notes to a trustee, client or official authority can be inserted.

Screenshot of the "Text and image" report element

In a nutshell. PRO reports with CashCtrl means:

  • All available reports
  • Customize cash flow and ratios report with formulas
  • More graphical pie and line charts

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