Available CashCtrl PRO reports

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  • Staggered profit and loss statement
  • Cash flow
  • Key figures
  • Income by customer (pie chart)
  • Expenditure by supplier (pie chart)
  • Result by article (pie chart)
  • Balance share (pie chart)
  • Balance progression (line chart)
  • Text and image
Overview profit & loss staggered form

Staggered profit and loss statement

A staggered profit and loss statement (EBITDA/EBIT/EBT) is available for the annual report. You can define the various steps as you please. You can enter account ranges with 1000:1999 and individual accounts separated by a comma.

Configuration options for the income statement.

Profit & loss configuration
Cash flow overview

Cash flow and key figures with formulas

The cash flow report gives you a better overview of the incoming and outgoing liquid funds. A standard configuration of CashCtrl is set up. This can be adjusted using formulas. You can enter account ranges with 1000:1999 and individual accounts separated by a comma.

Cash flow configuration


Key figures report overview

Key figures

The report is structured in a tabular way. You can individually arrange the rows and titles. You can insert a formula into a new calculation as a variable. If only one formula is used for a calculation, you can hide it, so it doesn't appear in the report. You can export and further process the key figures as PDF, Excel, or CSV files.

The help section (can be found via "Help" in the formula field) contains a comprehensive, clear glossary/documentation on how the formulas work. It lists and explains all variables.

Key figures configuration
Balance share report (pie chart)

Balance share (pie chart)

You can compare different accounts and account sections with the balance share pie chart. It features a simple configuration. By clicking on the values, these can be hidden.

Balance progression (line chart)

Balance progression line chart

The balance progression line chart helps you understand the development of different basic values. Just like the balance list, you can view individual or aggregated accounts. Like all other reports, the information can be recorded in different languages.

Text and image element

Text and image

Text and image is a completely free element in which you can insert any kind of text and/or image. The size and alignment of the image can be adjusted. You can insert the Terms and Conditions or a note to the trustee, client, or an official authority.