Set up article, customer and sequence numbers

Tutorial: Sequence numbers for articles, contacts, invoices etc. are automatically incremented and centrally configured. This is super fast and easy to set up.


  1. How to set up sequence numbers?
  2. Configure default sequence numbers
  3. Define customer number
  4. Customize order number / document number
  5. Good to know
Screenshot of the configuration of an order category in CashCtrl

1. How to set up sequence numbers?

Via Settings Sequence numbers the dialog is opened. A list with all (pre-)configured sequence numbers is displayed, e.g. document numbers, customer numbers, document numbers.

The sequence numbers are composed of placeholders.

  • $y (Current year) e.g. 2020
  • $m (Current month) e.g. 06
  • $d (Current day) e.g. 25
  • $nd (Run number reset daily) e.g. 1
  • $nm (Run number reset monthly) e.g. 55
  • $ny (sequence number reset annually) e.g. 92
  • $nn (sequence number never reset) e.g. 120

In addition, own static text is possible, e.g. EG-, RE-, etc. Static text is also possible between two placeholders.

Screenshot of the sequence number settings

2. Configure default sequence numbers

In the sequence numbers dialog the default sequence numbers for individual main areas of Cashctrl are set. This is possible for:

  • Journal: for journal entries / bookings
  • People: Customer number for contacts
  • Inventory: article number for products or services
  • Fixed assets: sequence number for fixed assets
Screenshot of the settings for the default run numbers

3. Assign customer number to a people category

After a customer number has been created according to your own specifications, it can also be stored for individual categories in contacts. This is configured in the People module via the categories. For example, individual sequence numbers can be set for employees, customers or suppliers. Each newly created contact gets the next free number.

If a subcategory is created, it inherits the number of the supercategory or it can be assigned its own.

Screenshot of the assignment of a customer number for a person category

4. Specify order number, document number

To each order category an own sequence number can be assigned, which counts up automatically. After a sequence number has been configured, it can be stored in the desired category via Settings Order categories e.g. Invoices.

Alternatively via the Configure button in the Orders module

Screenshot of the settings dialog of the Invoice order category, where the sequence number is set.

5. Good to know

  • Assigned numbers are only the default and are suggested automatically by CashCtrl. However, they can always be overwritten.
  • If a new order or a new contact is created, it can be freely decided which sequence number should be selected. The selected number is automatically incremented in the background, even if it is not configured as default.
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