Set up SMTP server for sending email

Tutorial: Set up your own SMTP server to send documents by email.


  1. Adjust settings
  2. Send document by e-mail
  3. Good to know / Trobleshooting
Screenshot of the user profile settings with the SMTP tab

If documents such as offers, delivery bills or invoices are sent via CashCtrl by email, this is done by default from the address In order to send emails via your own email account, an SMTP server must be configured in CashCtrl.

The advantages are that your own email address appears as the sender address, and you receive any bounce messages in case of non-delivery.

1. Adjust settings

For the setup some data is needed, which is provided by the email provider. The following data must be entered in CashCtrl under Settings User profile in the SMTP tab:

  • Host: enter the server name here, e.g. It is recommended to use the mail server of the e-mail address of the user profile, because with this the mails are sent.
  • Port: at the provider you get the port depending on the security setting. Mostly
    port 465 is used for SSL and port 587 for TLS/STARTTLS.
  • User name: mostly the e-mail addressmeist die E-Mail Adresse
  • Password: the password for the email provider login (or the app password, see point 3. Good to know)

Finally, click on Test connection. If this test is successful, a corresponding message is displayed and the process can be completed with Save.

Screenshot of the user settings for setting up the SMTP server for sending emails in CashCtrl.

2. Send documents by email

Order documents can be sent by e-mail in the overview in the Orders module by right-clicking Send document or in the preview view by clicking the Send e-mail button. The send window opens, in which the following information can be entered:

  • To: enter one or more (comma separated) recipients here, e.g.,
  • From:
    • Without SMTP: this field is equal to "reply-to". This means that if the recipient replies to this email, the reply will be sent to the reply-to address.
    • With SMTP: if the field remains empty, the address of the CashCtrl user is specified as the From address. If an address is entered here, it overwrites the email address of the user.
  • CC: address for recipients of a copy of the message, visible to all other recipients.
  • BCC: same as CC, only invisible for other recipients.gleiches wie CC, nur unsichtbar für andere Empfänger:innen.
  • Subject: placeholders can also be used here as in the text.

Once all the information has been entered, click on Preview to open a preview. Confirm the query whether the e-mail should be sent with Yes — done.

Screenshot of the draft dialog when sending documents by email from CashCtrl

3. Good to know / Troubleshooting

  • If two-factor authentication has been activated at the email provider, a so-called app password must be entered in the CashCtrl settings dialog instead of the normal password. This password can be generated by services like Google or Microsoft and is used to authorize services like CashCtrl to send emails without two-factor authentication.
    For instructions from your email provider, it is best to enter the following into a search engine: "XYZ 365 app password smtp two factor authentication". XYZ = e.g. Gmail, Microsoft 365 etc.
  • If an error message such as "535 Authentication unsuccessful" appears when you click on "Test connection", this is due to the following possible reasons:

    • Incorrect password Check whether the correct password is being used for the e-mail account. Alternatively, check whether 2-FA has been set up with the mail provider and an app password is required instead of the normal password.

    • Incorrect SMTP server, incorrect port Check the details of the mail provider.

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