Import bank transactions as camt054 or MT940 file instead of typing them manually and thus save time

CashCtrl supports the import of camt054 files and MT940 files. The proposals can be checked and adjusted in the process. If everything is correct, the bookings can be imported with one click.

With each import, the software learns and can better assign bookings automatically. This saves a lot of time compared to creating bank statements manually.

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How the import works

The import works the same with all files. The files are provided by the banking institution. If this is not yet configured, contact your financial institution directly. At Postfinance, for example, the option must first be requested and then enabled.

Screenshot journal with dropdown menu for import of bookings
Screenshot of the import window when importing Camt files

The import window explained

CashCtrl highlights recognized bookings and information in green. With each imported file and each assignment, the software can better assign and automatically recognize customers, notes or regularities. For example, if a customer transfers without giving the invoice number, CashCtrl can still assign the transfer with the date, name, etc.

Note: The balance in the example shown here is always red, because it is a demo-camt file with a different balance.

Processing and checking the bookings

A click on " Process" opens the edit dialog. On the left, the raw data is displayed as it was read from the bank file. On the right, the recognized information is displayed. Corrections or additions can still be made here. The description field also serves as a search field for all information.

Screenshot of the import window with raw data on the left and mapping on the right

Import with one click

All confirmed bookings are highlighted in green and can be imported into the accounting with "Import confirmed bookings". Only now the bookings will be transferred to the accounting.

Screenshot of processed bookings before running import

Imported bookings in the journal

In the journal, imported bookings are marked with a blue dot. Payments for a document are displayed with an invoice icon and a blue dot.

Screenshot of the journal showing the bookings that have been imported.

In a nutshell. Bank import with CashCtrl means:

  • No manual typing of the account statements
  • Checking of the proposals and learning of the software
  • Import with one click after control

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