Our vision

With CashCtrl we do a balancing act between intuitive user interface and great flexibility. In other words, we want to offer low-cost cloud ERP to make it easier for start-up companies, but at the same time not forget our power users. Power users who may be switching from a large ERP and are used to extensive configuration options.

Level the playing field

Enough with sky-high prices for ERP. Small companies should not be prevented from competing because of large costs. Just as we all benefit from many free applications on the web, we also want to give something back and set the prices low and offer CashCtrl FREE for free. Our community and the daily exchange with our customers confirm that we are on the right path. Grow together, be successful together.


Cloud - but without compromise

The cloud brings many advantages, such as user collaboration, location independence, and no need for installation and updates. One drawback, however, is that many cloud applications feel more like a website, and can be a step backwards to traditional desktop software. Mainly when it comes to the fast operation and versatile manipulation of the data. Features such as key shortcuts, remembering views, high-performance content loading, drag & drop etc. are often missing, but not so with CashCtrl. We bring desktop software into the new age of the cloud.


Do you like jargon? We neither

Wherever it is possible to use a simpler word, we do it. Of course, it does not always work as the subject matter is accounting. But we turn over every word several times and ask ourselves: Is it immediately understood? Or does the user have to read our documentation? Our customers should not struggle with software-specific jargon or abbreviations, but should be able to get started straight away.


Handling of your data

CashCtrl.com is independent. We will never share your information or have it analyzed and processed by third parties. Your data stays in Switzerland and only here. We follow an open data policy and communicate clearly what happens to your data. Our website CashCtrl.com has no 3rd-party plugins or trackers installed except for Matomo Analytics (self-hosted). We generally condemn the practice that tech companies are leaving users in the dark about what they do with your data.


We value the trust you place in us and that is what our business builds on. We want to share with you the joy of an organized business life and hope our offers - Enterprise, PRO, as well as FREE will help you to succeed.


Have fun and do good!
The CashCtrl team