The backup dialog shows all existing backups. Backups are created once a day when the accounting has been worked on. CashCtrl PRO/Enterprise customers can create their own backups at any time. This provides more freedom to try out and back up work steps.

Backup overview dialog in CashCtrl

Create backup

The process is relatively simple. A name can be entered via "Add". Then CashCtrl automatically creates the backup and makes it available.

Backups cannot be downloaded to store them locally. They are physically stored on a different server than the software is running.

In the note field, e.g. notes for other users can be entered.

Labeling dialog for new backups.


CashCtrl shows how much memory each backup occupies. How many backups can be created depends on how much memory is available. PRO offers 1 GB of storage included.

Storage space for automatic backups is not charged.

Backup overview dialog in CashCtrl

Restore backups

To restore a backup, select one and confirm with "Restore". CashCtrl asks twice for safety reasons, because the changes of the current day cannot be restored.

Confirm and after a short moment the backup is restored.

Overview of all created backups in CashCtrl.