Create backups to secure the accounting data — automatically and manually

CashCtrl creates automatic backups every night — provided that work has been done in the accounting. This allows to restore the accounting to a previous state.

The manual backup function makes it possible to protect against certain changes that have consequences. In this way, it is possible to try with a clear conscience and, in case of doubt, to switch back to the previous state.

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How it works

The Backup dialog shows all the existing backups. Automatic backups are created once a day when work has been done in the accounting.

With CashCtrl PRO and Enterprise, custom backups can be created and restored at any time. This gives more freedom to try out and backup before working steps.

Screenshot of the backup overview dialog in CashCtrl

Create backup

Via "Add" a name can be entered and if necessary a note can be created. CashCtrl will then automatically create the backup.

Backups cannot be downloaded to store them locally. As a further security measure, they are physically stored on a different server than the software is operated.

Screenshot of the label dialog for new backups.

Amount of storage and number of backups

CashCtrl shows how much storage each backup occupies. How many backups can be created depends on how much storage is available. Storage for automatic backups is not charged.

In PRO 1 GB of storage is included. The memory can be extended at any time.

Backup overview dialog in CashCtrl

Restore backups

To restore a backup, select one and confirm with "Restore". CashCtrl asks twice for safety reasons, because the changes of the current day cannot be restored.

A short moment after confirmation the backup is restored.

Screenshot of the system asking if backup should really be restored

In a nutshell. Backups with CashCtrl means:

  • Automatic backups every night — if changes have been made
  • As many manual backups as storage allows
  • Simple one-click recovery

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