Terms of service

Last updated: 20/07/2020

General terms and conditions by Repix Ltd., Basel («provider»), for the use of the online accounting software «CashCtrl» (also referred to as «service» or «application»).

CashCtrl is offered in two versions: One version free of charge («FREE») and a paid version («PRO»). The following terms apply to both versions if not explicitly specified otherwise.

The user agrees to these terms by signing up for a user account (hereinafter referred to as «account»).

1. License

The user is authorized to access the online service «CashCtrl» via internet. The user’s accounting data is stored on the external server of the provider and is only accessible with login/password. The user is not authorized to run the software on his own server or workstation.

The software can only be used for accounting purposes and not be diverted from its intended use.

2. User & Organization

The accounting is maintained per organization. Each organization has its own database, and access to the databases of other organizations is not possible.

The user can only manage one organization and one user (himself) in the FREE version. Adding more organizations and/or users is only possible through the purchase of the PRO version.

With the PRO version the user can manage multiple organizations as well as users. They are limited to the number of organizations / users that have been purchased with the PRO version. Additional organizations and users can be purchased any time. The user limit applies across all of the owned organizations (i.e. not per organization).

3. API users

With the PRO version it is possible to add so called API users (API is short for Application Programming Interface) which can access and manipulate the data of an organization programmatically with an API key. Such a user occupies, just like a regular user, a paid user spot. However, in contrast to a regular user an API user has to be created per organization, i.e. an API user cannot access multiple organizations, just one.

It is prohibited to use our API with regular users, i.e. using a username and password. Instead, an explicit API user with an API key must be created. Only a natural person is allowed to log in with username and password via the CashCtrl login form. This login form cannot be used for automation purposes. We reserve the right to deactivate or delete user accounts that are in violation of this rule.

The requests of an API user are restricted using the Token Bucket method as follows:
At any time a maximum of 40 requests can be made consecutively (burst fire). When those requests are used up, each second 4 requests are replenished until 40 requests are available again (this means that after 10 seconds the maximum of 40 requests are available again). If more requests are made than available, the API user receives an error message "429 Too many requests". This can happen if more than 40 requests have been made consecutively initially (within a few seconds) or if more than 4 requests per second are made and the available 40 requests are slowly used up this way (faster than replenished).

Furthermore a maximum of 5000 requests can be made per month. This quota is replenished on the beginning of each month.

4. Sign up and usage

By signing up with «CashCtrl» the user receives an account for the FREE version. There is no obligation to buy, and the user can use his FREE account as long as the service «CashCtrl» is being offered by the provider.

The purchase of the PRO version requires a previous FREE account and is done directly from within the application. A PRO account can later be downgraded to a FREE account again.

5. Demo of PRO version

Every user can test the PRO version once for 30 days free of charge without an obligation to buy. After the 30 days expire the user can either extend the PRO subscription or downgrade to FREE.

6. Downgrade from PRO to FREE

After downgrading from a PRO account to a FREE account, all additionally invited users lose access to all of the organizations of this account.

For the owner of this account all organizations are deactivated except for the initially registered organization, since FREE users are only allowed to manage 1 organization.

If the user upgrades back from FREE to PRO at a later date, the deactivated users and organizations are reactivated automatically.

7. Invoice

For the PRO account an annual fee is charged in advance. The contract expires with the end of the prepaid year and is not extended automatically. Cancellation of the contract is therefore not necessary.

The annual fee consists of a base fee (wherein a defined number of users and organizations are included) and fees for additional users and organizations.

A whole or partial refund for the annual fee shall not be granted on principle.

8. Versioning

The software is made available to the user in the latest version. The functionality of the software is tested continuously, and possible software defects are fixed in a timely manner as far as technically feasible. Access to older versions is not granted.

The provider reserves the right to add new features as well as adapt or remove existing ones.

9. Security

The external server is certified and the data traffic is encrypted with SSL (256 Bit).

User passwords are stored in an encrypted form and cannot be read by third parties. If the password is entered incorrectly multiple times in a row the account is blocked for a short period of time before the user can try again.

Backups are automatically created daily and stored for seven days. The user has no means to create his own backups in the current version (except by exporting to PDF and Excel).

10. Privacy

The user’s data and the data of organizations managed by the user is treated as strictly confidential by the provider and not passed to third parties. Please read our privacy policy for more information.

11. Obligations of the user

The user is obligated to protect his computer against viruses and to exercise caution while using the internet. Unauthorized third parties can potentially gain access to the password on a vulnerable computer.

The user is strongly urged to access the software only from his own resp. checked and trusted computers, while access from unchecked, untrusted or publicly accessible computers (e.g. internet cafés or similar) is not recommended.

The e-mail address with which the user has signed up must remain reachable during the subscription and must not be invalid.

The user is prohibited from using the service for unethical or illegal purposes, including but not limited to sending spam or mass emails, uploading illegal material in any form, trying to access data of organizations without being granted access, and harrassing other people.

Furthermore the user is prohibited from reselling the service «CashCtrl» to others if there exists no special agreement with the provider in this regard.

If a user does not comply to his obligations the provider reserves the right to deactivate or delete the user’s account. Any fees already paid by the user are not refunded.

12. Support

Support by the provider is rendered via e-mail or by direct request from inside the application. Telephone support is not included.

Support applies to questions and issues in connection with the application «CashCtrl» exclusively, not to accounting questions / issues.

There are no binding reaction times defined for the provider.

13. Liability

For software defects in the PRO version the provider is liable solely for direct damage caused by him. However, liability shall be limited to the single amount of the annual fee last paid in any case. No liability can be assumed for any consequential damage, to the extent permitted by law.

Proper accounting practices are solely the responsibility of the user. The provider declines all liability for deficits in the accounting.

For software defects in the FREE version the provider declines all liability, including but not limited to: Software deficits, loss of data, or data stolen by attackers (hackers, viruses, etc.).

14. Law

The contract between provider and user is subject to Swiss law. The sole place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the contractual relationship shall be Basel (Switzerland), compulsory courts of jurisdiction remain reserved.