Send documents by e-mail directly from the program - also as mass mailing and via SMTP server

PDF documents can be sent directly from the program. Email templates with placeholders for salutation, names and other info minimize your expenses and avoid typos.

It is possible to send the emails via your own SMTP server, which reduces the spam rate and strengthens your professional appearance.

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Goodbye paperwork, hello text templates and variables

Documents such as offers, invoices, etc. can be sent directly from the program to customers by e-mail. Your own text templates and placeholders (variables, highlighted in yellow here) can be used to ensure a uniform appearance and consistent communication.
But above all, to save time!

Screenshot of sending a document by mail from CashCtrl

Send emails via your own SMTP server

The setup is simple and is done in the user settings. By sending emails via your own email sender, you can increase your professional image and reduce the likelihood of emails ending up in spam.

Screenshot of the SMTP server setup for sending mail in CashCtrl.

Mass mailing for member invoices, mailings, serial letters.

Documents can be generated together and also sent. Through variables, however, individual documents and e-mails can be composed.
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Screenshot of sending a document by mail to several recipients at once

In a nutshell. Document dispatch with CashCtrl means:

  • Send PDF documents directly from the program
  • Optionally via your own SMTP server
  • Member invoices, mass mailing and serial letters olé

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