Setup CashCtrl white label

CashCtrl has a white label function as accounting software. This allows you to place your own logo in the software. Trust is the top priority in the fiduciary sector. With a personalized user interface, the software can be made more personal.

White label setup

You need one login screen logo and one for the background in the program.

  •  1x PNG, coloured, transparent, max. 1200 x 300 pixels.
  •  1x PNG, white or light grey, transparent, max. 1200 x 300 pixels.

Open the White label dialog via Settings/White label and upload both logos. Confirm with save. Do you need help with the file templates? We are happy to help.

Redirect support requests

Via Settings/White label you call up the dialog. In the second tab, enter the desired recipient address and tick the box.

For specific information about other help you can enter an info text. This text will be displayed directly in the support request window and may be able to answer requests before they are sent.