Custom fields

CashCtrl offers a selection of additional fields (custom fields), which can be added to booking masks or documents. This allows you to enter more precise data in the journal or inventory and for orders and contacts. The different field types can be listed with variables on documents. Sounds more complicated than it is.

A possible example

The example shows a delivery note with different dates on which goods were delivered. The data from the additional fields can be further used in the software with placeholders/variables. Each additional field has a variable ($name). This can be inserted in a text. In this way, adaptable text templates are created that refer to invoice items or order information.

This is how it looks like.

1. Entering additional fields

Via settings/additional fields you can access the settings. There you can edit, delete or create new custom fields. The tabs at the top show the possible areas in which the fields can be placed. The fields were entered under Orders, i.e. the documents with the tab Delivery Data. Important for the later use are the variables on the far right.

The order of the fields can be adjusted with drag and drop by mouse.

2. Use additional fields

The additional fields entered earlier are now visible in the Delivery Data tab and can be entered immediately for each document. The number of tabs and their arrangement is up to the customer.

3. Insert variables in text

The variable of the respective delivery date is listed in the description text of the items. The data is now automatically displayed one after the other with each delivery entered.

Note: In the description field there is no comfortable dropdown menu for the placeholders yet, is noted :-)

4. Additional fields in other texts

The use of custom fields is not limited to the positions. They can also be used in the header text or footer text. There, however, with a simple placeholder dropdown menu. Here in expanded form. This also gives you access to other placeholders for other order information.

Available additional fields

  • Text field, link field for a simple text or a clickable URL
  • Multiline text field for multiline, more comprehensive text.
  • Checkbox yes/no.
  • Date field for a selectable date from the calendar.
  • Selection box with preset values for precise selection criteria, such as a color for a paint job or membership types in a club.
  • Number field for numbers only

All fields can be configured as "multiple fields", where an additional field appears after filling in, etc.

Good overview

All additional fields can be displayed in columns in the overview and are fully searchable. Also ingenious - the additional fields can be accessed directly with our API. This offers possibilities that are not necessarily common for cloud software.

API Dokumentation