Using text templates

For clear and consistent communication with customers, we recommend the use of text templates. This not only saves time, but also helps to avoid carelessness.

Templates for header and footer text

Templates are used for header (text above) and footer (text below), as well as in CashCtrl PRO for mail templates. With Capturing is simple.

Screenshot of the dropdown menu for text templates

1. Create a text template

Open a document and select the tab Texts Text in the left column. The settings dialog appears immediately. The created texts are simply displayed as a list. Choose Add.

Screenshot of the text template management

2. Enter text, add placeholder

Now the text can be entered and saved. At this point we would like to point out the placeholders/variables.

By using the variables (marked yellow), you can refer to values and information from the document in the text. For example, the recipient, the amount, payment deadline or additional fields. The advantage is that the text does not have to be entered anymore but is inserted automatically by CashCtrl.

The variable $myFullName, for example, always shows the name of the logged-in user.

Screenshot of the edit dialogue for text templates

3. Select

Now the text template can be selected from the list. Here is a header text for an invoice. For easier viewing, the texts have been highlighted in yellow. That's it.

In principle, almost all entered data can be displayed in text. Own additional fields (PRO) are also listed.

Screenshot of the choice box of the text templates and the PDF preview

Further settings

Set text templates as document standard

If you always communicate with the same text and it does not always have to be changed, it is recommended to set a standard template.

The text template is stored in the settings of a category and is automatically selected with every new document.

The settings can be accessed via Settings Order categories Edit category texts.

Screenshot of the order category settings for the default text template