1. Enter cost centers

The structure is identical to that of the regular chart of accounts. On the left the categories and on the right the individual cost centers. Cost centers can be entered completely freely.

Screenshot: Enter cost centers dialog
Screenshot: Costing plan in CashCtrl

A possible cost center plan could look like this.

2. Assign cost centers

Cost centers can be entered e.g. individually for each entry, or for each position on an invoice. However, we do not recommend this approach - unless you want to dramatically increase your accounting effort :-).

To make the cash flow as automatic as possible, it is recommended to assign the cost centers directly to the expense accounts. Everything that is then posted to an expense account is also posted immediately at the cost center level.

Screenshot: Edit dialog of an account, with visible cost centers tab

3. Define cost centers for accounts

Via Accounts/Edit/Assign the desired cost centers in the tab Cost centers. It is possible to select several different cost centers with different shares. Shares are entered either in percent (40%/60%) or in parts (4/6). CashCtrl then automatically calculates the percentages. If only one cost center is booked, it is sufficient to enter 1 for a share or 100 for 100%. 

Screenshot: Add cost centers to order account dialog

In the chart of accounts, the cost centers used are listed in a separate column.

Screenshot account plan overview with displayed cost centers column

How are the cost centers evaluated?

In the reports section there are five reports available to evaluate cost centers. 

1. Income statement of each cost center
2. Balances of all or individual cost centers
3. Distribution: lists the distribution to the accounts
4. Targets: Compares budgets/targets to balances.
5. Statements: Shows the journals of individual cost centers

Screenshot cost centers report with balances of all accounts

How is a cost center report compiled?

Like all other report elements, cost center reports are grouped into sets or displayed individually.  The reports can then be exported as PDF, Excel (PRO) and CSV (PRO) files for further processing if required.

Sample files

Cost center report as PDF

cost center report as Excel table

cost center report as CSV Zip

Screenshot of the selection of report elements