Create cost centers

The structure is identical to that of a regular chart of accounts. On the left are the categories and on the right the individual cost centers.

Cost centers can be created completely free.

Screenshot: Create cost centers dialog

Assigning cost centers

Cost centers can be entered individually for each booking, for example, or for each position on an invoice. In order to map the cash flow as automatically as possible, it is recommended to assign the cost centers directly to the expense accounts. Everything that is then booked to an expense account is also booked immediately at the cost center level.

Screenshot booking window with cost center tab where the cost centers for the booking are defined

Define cost centers for accounts

Via Accounts Edit tab Assign cost centers to the desired positions. It is possible to select several different cost centers with different shares. Shares are entered either in percent (40%/60%) or in parts (4/6). CashCtrl then automatically calculates the percentages. If only one cost center is booked, it is sufficient to enter 1 for one share or 100 for 100%.

Screenshot: Add cost centers to expense account dialog

How are the cost centers evaluated?

There are five reports available in the Reports module that can be used to evaluate cost centers:

1. income statement of each cost center
2. balances of all or individual cost centers
3. distribution: lists the cost distribution to the accounts
4. targets: Compares budgets/targets to balances.
5. statements: Shows the journals of individual cost centers

reports overview

Screenshot cost centers report with balances and distribution

In a nutshell. Cost centers with CashCtrl means:

  • Freely definable cost centers
  • Assignment of shares
  • Reports for the evaluation of cost centers

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