Set up your CashCtrl account with this 8 step checklist.

1. Let's start together

You have decided to work with CashCtrl. We are very happy about that, thank you!
Together we will now set up the software. After you have registered, you will receive a checklist that gives you an overview of what you need to do. The checklist is not mandatory, but it is recommended to go through it briefly.

Click directly on the first item and the dialog will open immediately.

CashCtrl First Steps Checklist

2. Set company address and logo

Enter a new location via Add and enter the corresponding address information. Your logo will be displayed on the invoice documents, it is best to upload it as a .jpg or .png file.

CashCtrl dialog enter address data

3. Enter bank data

In the tab UID, Bank data the account information is entered. To create a QR invoice, it is sufficient to enter the IBAN number. The ISR payment slips used in Switzerland will be replaced by the QR invoice with reference. This requires a QR IBAN, which can be requested from the bank.


CashCtrl screenshot: enter bank data IBAN

4. Select default currency

Select the default currency with which CashCtrl will work.


CashCtrl screenshot: Select default currency

5. Set up sales tax

If you or your company are subject to sales tax, the correct tax rates should still be entered. A small selection is already available. If no sales tax has to be used, this point can be skipped.
Once used, tax rates cannot be deleted or adjusted. If the VAT changes, a new rate will be created.

In the next window, specify whether the VAT is to be calculated according to the received or agreed payment.

CashCtrl screenshot: Enter sales tax rates

6. Set up chart of accounts

An important point is to set up the chart of accounts. This is how you determine which accounts are available for accounting. The generic CashCtrl chart of accounts gives a good basis that can be customized. For most applications it will be sufficient. If necessary, find out which accounts are needed in your industry and add them.

Customize chart of accounts dialog

7. Enter opening entries

You have set up almost everything. What is still missing are the amounts on the accounts. To keep debits and credits balanced, it is best to use the Add/add opening entries dialog in the journal. This shows below if debit/credit are balanced.

All entries must be in the same currency. For another currency, a new dialog can be called again and additional opening entries can be entered.

CashCtrl screenshot enter opening entries

8. Enable two-factor authentication

While your data is very secure on our server, we still recommend enabling two-factor login. This means that in addition to your password, a numeric key from an app is required to log in. As an app we recommend Authy or Google Authenticator. Download the app and scan the QR code once. Make a note of the long code for any recovery.

The app generates a 6-digit token that you enter in the second step.

CashCtrl screenshot enable 2-factor authentication

Done. You have set up so far. Have fun working with our accounting software.

You can find more input in our tutorials or in the forum.

Ah - almost forgotten. Try CashCtrl PRO when you get the chance. 30 days free of charge, without obligation.