CashCtrl is ideally suited for distance learning and decentralized work.

Many schools and course providers rely on CashCtrl in the classroom. On-site or distance learning projects can be seamlessly mentored and built together. Encourage entrepreneurship, spark interests. Cloud software for educational institutions and course providers.

SkillsLab at Bern University of Applied Sciences

As part of an annual project, students at HAFL (School of Agricultural, Forest, and Food Sciences) are developing a product or business idea in the food sector. The project accompanies them over several semesters and includes founding a company to distribute the product. In groups, the students manage bookkeeping and inventory with CashCtrl and discuss it with their lecturer in the SkillsLab.

Tangible, realistic processes
Exactly for this way of working, our financial accounting software CashCtrl lends itself. Entries and their effects are shown directly, everything can be discussed continuously with reports. From the home office or locally in the school. You as teacher/coach have constant insight into the databases until the end of the project. At the same time you lay the foundation for working with ERP software.

Training company in the Trogen Cantonal School

In the picturesque canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden lies the traditional Kanti Trogen. 600 students attend classes at the Gymnasium, FMS and WMS each year. The school is characterized by innovative teaching ideas and activities and relies on CashCtrl. Accessibility, low cost and clear account were decisive for the choice.

The students use their own office on the school campus and work together in a Helvartis practice company. On the network, they buy and sell goods, create quotes, and make payments.

What to expect from CashCtrl:

  • No special infrastructure needed
  • No special installation required, CashCtrl ist browser based
  • Very low costs
  • Easy to use user interface
  • Simple course administration
  • Always have insight in projects
  • Share and hand out tasks to students
  • Work in groups or individualy
  • Presentation through us on location
  • Personal support

«We use CashCtrl in our SkillsLab Entrepreneurship; the pupils bring their prior knowledge in financial accounting to the table and can quickly and productively use the tool after minimal instruction. The tool offers a lot more than 'just' financial accounting, which is why we are very happy to use it to accompany start-up projects.»

Prof. Lorenz Probst, Head of Minor Management & Leadership

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