Manage inventory, maintain stock items

In the inventory area, articles, services and capital goods are managed with their own serial numbers. As under "Accounts" and "Persons" the inventory allows categories.

For inventory purposes, the inventory list can be output as a PDF or Excel file. The XLS document is fully editable in Excel.

Each item can optionally be managed as an inventory item. To create an inventory item, check the box "Inventory item" in the tab "Inventory". This will give the article a stock which can be adjusted by purchase and sales invoices.

It is recommended to assign articles and services to categories. Expense and revenue accounts can be assigned to the categories. This way, articles and services on an invoice are automatically charged to these accounts.

The VAT/Sales tax is also settled automatically if it was previously assigned to an expense/income account. Read more about setting up here sales tax .

By setting the minimum and maximum stock level of an item, the inventory will be displayed in green or red. With the filter "Only articles for replenishment", articles marked in red can be displayed.

In CashCtrl FREE and CashCtrl PRO the inventory levels are set differently. Detailed instructions can be found in the forum or in the documentation.