Evaluate finances, compile own reports and download annual report

Reports in CashCtrl are always up-to-date. If new bookings are added, the reports are updated automatically. A useful selection of reports such as the annual report with balance sheet and income statement are already preconfigured.

Reports can be combined into sets and customized. This gives a clear overview of the company's financial situation throughout the year.


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Compile and personalize reports

For flexible reporting, CashCtrl relies on report sets that can be compiled by the user. This creates individual reports that can be shared with third parties, such as the annual report for the tax authority or for shareholders. Report elements can be added to a set and dragged and dropped into the right order.

Screenshot of the dropdown menu for adding a new report

Individual key figures with the formula column

The formula column is used to calculate individual key figures. It is available in all tabular reports, but not in graphical reports such as the pie chart.

This column is suitable, for example, to create a column for margin or other calculations.

Screenshot of the configuration of a report with the addition of a custom column with a custom calculation

Annual report and income statement at the push of a button

CashCtrl offers ready-made report sets as standard, such as the annual report with balance sheet and income statement. The time period can be adjusted individually to predefined time periods or can be defined freely.

Screenshot reports with annual report and selection of the period

Sales tax
Value added tax

For VAT accounting, the figures can be taken from the VAT report, subdivided according to the tax rates used. VAT can be accounted for using the agreed method (book VAT with invoice date) or the collected method (book VAT with payment date).

Screenshot sales tax report

Open accounts receivable and accounts payable

These two reports continuously show a listing of unpaid invoices with their corresponding invoice numbers. Thereby the open documents are grouped by customer/supplier. The order is linked and can be directly followed up with a payment reminder, for example.

Open Accounts Receivable / Accounts Payable Report Screenshot

Result by article / Result by article per person

Use these reports to evaluate how many units of which item you have sold, or to whom you have sold the most.


Screenshot sales statistics report

Balance list

The balance list shows the balances of selected (or all) accounts. Account ranges of 1000:1999 and individual accounts can be entered comma-separated. Like any report, the balance list can be listed multiple times and configured differently.

Screenshot reports with balance list

Account statements

Review booking by booking and get an precise clarity - also to find a mistake. This is what a account statement offers. Configurable are single accounts (1100, 1200, ..), a range of accounts (1100:2000) and so on.

Account statements screenshot from CashCtrl

Chart of accounts

The chart of accounts lists all accounts at a glance. Here you can see which tax rate is stored for an account and notes on accounts can be displayed. For example, as a handout for accountants or trustees.

Screenshot reports with chart of accounts


The Targets report displays all accounts that have a target stored. Here you can see on a daily basis whether the company is on track and whether the annual targets have been reached. The deviation from the target is shown in absolute and percentage terms, as soon as a target is reached in green, if not yet reached in red.

Screenshot targets report

Expense by supplier and other reports

In CashCtrl, other reports are available such as Expense by Supplier or Revenue by Customer. Furthermore, there is a tabular report Booking Lines, which displays chronologically all journal entries.

Screenshot report set with expense by supplier and booking lines report

In a nutshell. Reports with CashCtrl means:

  • Save time by automatically updating reports
  • Configure individual report sets
  • Download annual financial statements as PDF

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