Reports / evaluations

Evaluations in CashCtrl are always up to date. Everything you've registered is immediately listed in the reports. A sensible selection of reports is pre-configured. You can compile elements of reports into sets and configure them. This gives you a good overview of your financial situation throughout the whole year. CashCtrl FREE offers year-end closing with an income statement and balance sheet.

Configurable Years end report

Constant overview

Throughout the year, you can evaluate your sales, create a balance list, or personalize a report with account statements. An overview of outstanding accounts payable and receivable are also available in CashCtrl FREE.

Stay in control of your finances, set goals, and see how you're doing at any time. CashCtrl offers real-time reports such as "Income by Customer" and many more.

Sales tax/value-added tax

Find precise numbers in the sales tax report, divided into the used sets. You can settle these according to the agreed method.


VAT report

Outstanding accounts payable and receivable

These two reports continually show you a list of unpaid invoices along with the associated invoice numbers. The outstanding documents are grouped by customer/supplier.

Open debitors and creditors

Balance list

The balance list is a simple report that shows you the balances of selected (or all) accounts. You can enter account ranges with 1000:1999 and individual accounts separated by a comma. Just like all other report elements, the balance list can be displayed multiple times and configured in different ways.

Liquid funds report

Income by customer / expenditure by supplier

This feature lets you create a list of your top customers or suppliers. You can determine the number of entries in the list.

Configuration revenue by customer report

Success by article

Use this report to evaluate how many copies you sold of which article or how many hours you were able to charge for a service.


Sales statistics report
Creating a report set

Compile and personalize reports

For flexible reporting, CashCtrl relies on report sets that you can compile yourself. This allows you to create individual reports you can pass on to third parties (e.g., the annual report for the tax authorities or for shareholders).

You can add the report elements to a set and shift them into the right order with drag and drop. CashCtrl FREE features a large number, but not all of the report elements.