Automatic stock inventory in CashCtrl FREE

CashCtrl FREE has an inventory with a stock item function. Sold items are automatically debited or added by a purchase invoice. However, delivery notes are not included in the functional scope of CashCtrl FREE. Nevertheless, stock items can be used. Therefore the invoice document is configured to influence the stock level.

1. Enter article as stock item

The items must be marked as stock items. In this way, receipts and issues are posted and the inventory is adjusted. In the "Edit article" dialog, check the box "Stock article", enter a stock and finish with save.

The direct entry of an inventory has no effect on the accounting, no entry is created. Increase the stock of an inventory item with a purchase invoice to generate expense postings.

2. Configure purchasing and sales catagories

Call up the Edit dialog via Settings/Order categories/Invoices/Status. The column "Adjust stock levels" is empty and can now be adjusted as follows. Complete the process with Accept/Save.

Do not forget to make the settings for purchasing. The process is identical, except that the check mark for purchasing must be set to "Incoming".