Automatically adjust stock levels in CashCtrl FREE

Tutorial: CashCtrl FREE has no delivery note, but the stock can still be adjusted automatically. With a setting in the invoice documents, the stock is adjusted when sales are made.


  1. Create items as stock items
  2. Configure order categories
  3. Good to know
Screenshot of the order category status editing window

1. Create items as stock items

The desired articles must be marked as stock articles so that incoming and outgoing goods are registered and the stock is adjusted. In the "Edit article" dialog, check the "Stock item" box, enter a stock level and finish with Save.

Screenshot of the stock tab of an item where the check mark can be set for stock items.

2. Configure order categories

Via Settings Order categories Invoices Status open the Edit dialog. The column "Adjust stock levels" is empty and can now be adjusted as shown in the screenshot on the right. It does not matter at which status the stock level is affected. It has proven to be useful if the status is set to "Open".

Important: for all statuses that keep the change to the warehouse, the "Outgoing" box must also be checked. This usually means all subsequent statuses except "Canceled".

Complete the process with Apply/Save.

Do not forget to make the settings for purchasing. The process is identical, except that the checkbox for purchasing must be set to "Incoming".

Screenshot of the status tab in the order category dialog

Good to know

  • The stock/ stock value itself has no effect on the accounting. It can be adjusted manually at any time by direct input. No booking is created in the process. It is only a number that is changed with each purchase or sale.
  • Alternatively, the stock of a warehouse item can be adjusted with a purchase invoice to generate expense entries.