Our customers shape how we develop our software. This is how they work with CashCtrl, these are their success stories.

Portrait: Ludonix - Board game online shop from Bern

Automated online shop

Ludonix develops an innovative algorithm to suggest the perfect board game to its customers. All accounting processes are automated via CashCtrl.

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Ludonix team image

Client portait

A sense of independence

The Aesch Municipal and School Library has been doing its own bookkeeping for several years. For this purpose, it uses CashCtrl.

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Portrait of the 7-member community library Aesch women team

Client Portait

17 Emmental farm women are taking off with the Bärner Burechorb.

With a large and sustainable range of the finest delicacies. Baked and produced according to family recipes. The small and larger baskets also arrive at your home by parcel.

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Picture collage of the farmers' wives from Bärner Burechorb

Client portrait

Werbepool Thunersee Region: «You can always rely on the support.»

Anyone who has ever stood on the Niesen knows the spectacular panorama that awaits you up there at 2,362 meters above sea level. CashCtrl does not offer such panoramas - but a good overview.

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The Niesenbahn during the ascent. Photographer: Chris Dittmer

Client portrait

"Even a monkey can do it": Why Hammerbier relies on CashCtrl.

Zurich brewery owner Hugo V. Gutknecht appreciates the ease of use and personal support.

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Client portrait

«The perfect tool for quick reporting.»

KurierZentrale in Basel, with 100 employees, has been using CashCtrl for years for financial accounting and analyzing the course of business.

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Jérôme Thiriet from Kurierzentrale at the Basel Umschlagbahnhof

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