Financial periods in CashCtrl

This is how the agile financial periods work in CashCtrl. They can be created individually and also manage long or short years.

Screenshot journal with opened dropdown menu for selecting the accounting period

Financial periods: this is how it works

Financial periods are like brackets that enclose book entries. The periods can be completely different. The only condition is that they are all contiguous and that there is no gap. Excessively long fiscal years are just as possible as shorter ones.

If the duration of a financial period changes, a new one must be created and the old one deleted. The duration cannot be adjusted.

A financial period can only be deleted if it does not contain any book entries or if the period of the book entries is covered by another financial period.

When a financial period is closed, all the documents and entries it contains are fixed and cannot be changed. However, a financial period can be reopened or unlocked at any time.

1. Reopening of a financial period

If adjustments are necessary, a closed financial period can be reopened. To do this, the desired accounting period is selected at the top right and reopened via Reopen after a short prompt.

Screenshot of the opened dropdown menu to reopen a financial period

2. Make adjustments

Make all adjustments and close the financial period as usual via Close in the upper right corner.

The year-end entries such as allocation of profit/loss, etc. will remain through a reopening, they will not be deleted. The year-end entries should therefore not be executed again when a reopened financial period is closed again.

Screenshot of the year-end book entries that remain by reopening an accounting period