"CashCtrl is such a cool thing"

The Bernese board game online shop Ludonix wants to develop an innovative algorithm to suggest the perfect board game to its customers. All accounting processes are automated via CashCtrl.

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At first glance, the Ludonix website is a professionally designed online shop selling a variety of board games.

But the impression is deceptive: the Swiss start-up based in Bern, founded in 2020, is pursuing a vision: "We want to develop an algorithm that suggests to customers a board game that best matches their preferences," explains co-founder Adrian Kölliker.

Launched in the first Corona Lockdown

The 28-year-old business administration graduate has always dreamed of starting his own business one day and developing innovative ideas. When the Corona pandemic led to a lockdown in spring 2020 and slowed down life, he and his two friends Lena Gisiger and Rainer Müller put their heads together. Together they created the game druid Ludonix.

The passionate board game fans thought there must be an easier way to find a good board game.

"We said to ourselves, come on, let's give it a try. That's how our story began," says Kölliker. Meanwhile, the young company is only at the beginning. For the algorithm to work, Ludonix must first have a lot of data. This process is currently underway.

Photo of a games evening with a board game.

API connection that saves a lot of time

To build their platform, the Ludonix team relies on efficient processing procedures. This is because all those involved are still working full-time in their traditional fields. Adrian Kölliker, for example, heads the IT department of a Bernese company.

The business software CashCtrl, which Ludonix chose after being dissatisfied with another provider, is a great support for the start-up. "CashCtrl is a mega-cool programme that makes it easy to do everything you need," says Adrian Kölliker in praise.

He is referring in particular to the API connection that has been set up: All orders and payments made on the online shop are automatically booked in CashCtrl and invoices are sent without any intervention. "This system means a huge time saving for us. In addition, the error rate is much lower than when we enter each booking manually."

Ludonix Wizzard recommends games for players to play.

High configurability, good overview

For the Ludonix co-founder, the configurability and clarity in the CashCtrl application are further plus points. Each account can be opened separately and the turnovers and positions can be analysed quickly.

If something doesn't work, CashCtrl support reacts quickly and provides competent help. This is remarkable: "I really appreciate this personal contact.

By the way, out of curiosity: What is Adrian Kölliker's favourite board game? The answer comes like a shot: An economic strategy game that takes us back to old England and is called "Brass: Birmingham".

Well then, have fun!

Ludonix webshop screenshot with board games.

Ludonix - In search of new games

Ludonix KLG
Untermattweg 76
3027 Bern


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