"Even a monkey can do it"
Why Hammerbier relies on CashCtrl

Zurich brewery owner Hugo V. Gutknecht appreciates the ease of use and personal support.

It began, as so often in these cases, by chance: Hugo V. Gutknecht drank a beer at a colleague's house that tasted exceptionally good to him. He asked him where he had bought it. The surprising answer: not bought, but brewed himself!

"From that point on, the virus got hold of me: I started making my first own beer in the laundry room. First 10 liters, then 20 liters, later it was 100 liters in large boiling pots," says the founder and owner of the Rümlanger Brauwerkstatt near Zurich-Kloten Airport. The local "Hammer beer" has been produced here since May 2018.

Gutknecht worked for a long time in adult education as a coach and personnel developer. He was approaching 60 when, after 14 years of brewing beer in the laundry room, he decided to hang up his job and turn his beloved hobby into a career. The deciding factor was also international awards, which attested to the high quality of his beer.

Hugo V. Gutknecht in his brewery with two of his creations.

One-man show

A crowdfunding campaign raised just under 80,000 Swiss francs, enabling the startup founder to set up a professional brewing facility with small but fine structures in the village of Rümlang with its 8,100 inhabitants. In the meantime, the varieties Lager, Helles, Weizen, Dunkles as well as special creations are on offer.

"It's a one-man show: I do everything from A-Z, from cleaning to marketing to hosting, welcoming the population to the brewery's small Besenbeiz for after-work beer on weekends," says Gutknecht.

Hammer beer beer assortment

Good overview of finances thanks to CashCtrl

One of his tasks is, of course, to have his finances under control and to keep track of costs. When the Zurich-based brewer was planning to become self-employed, he started searching the Internet for a professional but straightforward accounting program.

Some providers were too expensive and too complex for him - until he came across CashCtrl. "This online solution convinced me 100 percent after a short test phase. I found my way around easily, could define positions and finally create invoices efficiently - before, I had to do this laboriously in Word."

Hammerbier an den Unterlaender Biertagen

Hammer beer at the Unterlaender beer days

"Even a monkey can do it."

Gutknecht benevolently describes CashCtrl as "dubelisicher." This is a key point for him. With 300 to 400 bookings a year, he doesn't need an application with a lot of extra functions, but rather a clear, easy-to-use business software.

He describes the fact that CashCtrl is operated in Switzerland and that all data is stored on Swiss servers as "decisive". This creates trust. He also appreciates the courteous support. It is noticeable that CashCtrl is personally managed, just like his small company.

"When I write an email, I quickly receive a helpful and personal response. I sense a genuine interest in my request. I appreciate that very much," he says with satisfaction.

CashCtrl screenshot reporting

And the name?

Finally, how did the name "Hammer Beer" come about? Gutknecht: "We brainstormed forever and were never satisfied. It was exasperating. After a long evening of brainstorming, one person casually said, 'Your beer is just awesome.' That's when it was clear!"

Rümlanger Brauwerkstatt

Rümlanger Brauwerkstatt
Gutknecht's Hammer-Bier
Ifangstrasse 91 /Untergeschoss
8153 Rümlang

079 203 09 03


All CashCtrl PRO features in detail

All CashCtrl FREE features

Order processing

  • Extensive order processing incl. dunning process
  • Sales: Offers, order confirmations, delivery notes, invoices, reminders, credit notes
  • Purchase: Requests, orders, incoming goods, invoices, credit notes, return slips

Custom documents and processes

  • The entire workflow is extendable and customizable according to your needs.
  • Send invoice directly by e-mail, with preview
  • Create your own document templates for PDFs with powerful HTML and CSS editor

Multiple clients

  • Manage multiple users & roles, with different access rights
  • Manage multiple organizations, clone organization

File attachments / document uploads

  •  1 GB Swiss cloud storage included. Expandable without limitation.


  • Cost centers
  • Foreign currencies (multi-currencies), with automatic exchange rates
  • Collective book entries

Custom fields

  • Create unlimited custom fields (for inventory, orders and people)


  • Advanced reports: Cash flow statement chart, Key figures, Profit and loss statement staggered-form, Balance progression chart, Result by articles chart, Revenue by customers chart, Expense by vendors chart, Balance share chart, Cost center reports, Organizational chart, Text and image

Connections, import/export

  • REST API interface
  • Import bank transactions (ISO 20022 camt.052, camt.053, camt.054, MT940, ZIP, TAR)
  • Export reports to Excel and CSV

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