A tight grip of the rope - the numbers too

From August 31 to September 3, the 2023 Tough of war Championships will take place in Lucerne: Around 20 nations, 1,200 athletes and 15,000 spectators are expected. CashCtrl as accounting software helps the organizers to keep the financial overview.

By Yannik Schmöller

Team photo of the OC Team of the Tough of war World Championship 2023

Eight identically dressed athletes facing eight opponents. Their strong hands clasp a rope stretched to bursting point. Then it starts: The cry "Pull!" is heard - and muscle-bound legs brace themselves with all their might into the churned-up ground. The center of the rope, marked in red, moves slowly in one direction - on and on. Then a whistle - and cheers erupt on one side, while disappointment spreads across the way.

The scene is a foretaste of August 31, when the world championship in tug-of-war begins in the Construction Trades Arena on the Sursee campus in Oberkirch, Lucerne.

This is the fifth time Switzerland has hosted the event: the last time the world's best rope pullers competed against each other was in Appenzell in 2012.

The Swiss team during the competition

Factsheet Tough of war


:  33,5 meters long
:  20 kg
:  Diameter 38 mm

Team 1:
, , , , , , , + (with metal plates)

Team 2:
, , , , , , , + (with metal plates)


Over a distance of four meters, the red marker attached to the middle of the rope must be pulled to claim victory. Switzerland is one of the favorites along with the Netherlands, Ireland, Basque Country, Sweden, South Africa and Germany.

In rope pulling, there are twelve different weight classes into which the 1,200 athletes from around 20 nations are divided. The teams have to get through the preliminary round in order to reach the semifinals.

Top favorite Switzerland

Right in the middle are the Swiss teams. They have big plans in Oberkirch. At the World Games in the USA 2022, the Swiss demonstrated their power. The men won gold, the women the bronze medal.

The World Games are the most important event for all non-Olympic sports, which has included tug-of-war since 1920. Tug-of-war athletes were only allowed to call themselves Olympians for twenty years before the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decided to remove the battle for the rope from the program again.

It remains to be seen whether the Swiss will be able to confirm their excellent form in Oberkirch. 15,000 visitors are expected: the large crowd is naturally associated with high expectations, especially against the background of the successes in recent years.

The Swiss team during the competition

Administrative relief through CashCtrl

In order to carry out an event of these dimensions, many helpers are needed. A 40-strong organizing committee, headed by Lucerne's National Councillor for Central Affairs Ida Glanzmann, works every day to ensure that the four-day competition runs smoothly.

A great relief for the finance department is the accounting software of the Basel IT company CashCtrl AG.

Marcel Reber, responsible for finances in the OC, explains: "I have already used CashCtrl for an association accounting and was very satisfied with it. It is easy to insert a logo and create QR code invoices. Likewise, bank data can be imported into the system with a few mouse clicks," he says.

User-friendliness was also a decisive factor for the organizers of the world championship in rope pulling, which is why they chose CashCtrl.

View an invoice document with QR code

Without training - simple functions

"We face the daily challenge of many people accessing our systems, including those with no accounting experience. Our financial resources are limited and we cannot afford extensive training and expensive systems with maintenance fees," explains Reber.

With CashCtrl, he says, an optimal solution has been found: An accounting software that can generate VAT statements, includes accounts receivable and accounts payable, and also allows the evaluation of figures in an uncomplicated way. "What's nice is that with the paid Pro version, expressive graphics and tables can be created on top of that," Reber continues.

Specifically, in addition to billing, the CashCtrl software also manages reports, graphic orders, purchasing and sales, product items and addresses. What Marcel Reber particularly appreciates about the Basel-based company: "The fast and uncomplicated support - and that the CashCtrl team speaks our language and is a Swiss company."

Screenshot of CashCtrl accounting interface with graphics

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