Pneuservice Ciccone from Winterthur:
"Nothing even comes close
to CashCtrl"

The family-owned company Pneuservice Ciccone AG from Winterthur
uses CashCtrl for the entire accounting of its garage.
Thanks to the changeing the software, the garage business
experienced a growth spurt.

Logo Pneuservice Ciccone

If you need a new set of car tires in Winterthur or don't want to store your winter or summer tires at home, go to Pneuservice Ciccone AG. The company is also responsible for mounting tires, service, repairs or MFK preparation.

The family business was founded in 1985 by Giuseppe Ciccone in a double garage in Winterthur as a sole proprietorship. The small company grew quickly, already in 1991 the company was transformed into a joint-stock company.

In 1994, the family business finally found a permanent home in Winterthur-Töss, where it can still be found today. Currently, six to eight people are employed in the business.

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Giuseppe Ciccone and Davide Ciccone

The trustee recommends CashCtrl

The Ciccone family chose CashCtrl. "Actually, another application was planned first, but it didn't work as desired in the test phase," says Domenico Ciccone. Then the trustee recommended CashCtrl.

Pneuservice Ciccone AG has now been using the Swiss accounting software since 2020 and, as they say, they are extremely satisfied with it. "What makes CashCtrl tick?" asks, Ciccone. "We use every function, every feature for our needs. Whether it's invoices or quotes, everything is in one system, " he says. He doesn't hide the fact that he's also constantly keeping his eyes open for competing offers in the marketplace.

So far, however, he has had no reason to switch. "So far, I haven't found an offer that even comes close to CashCtrl," Ciccone says.

Pneuservice Ciccone AG garage

Thanks to the new system: more orders can be processed without greater personnel expenditure.

The Swiss business software meets everything the family business needs. Ciccone is particularly enthusiastic about the flexible access. "Thanks to the cloud solution, I can access CashCtrl from anywhere," he says. In addition, he says, they have close contact with support and also keep in touch with the CashCtrl founder. "The personal support is great," says Ciccone "The price is also very attractive," he adds. The family business uses CashCtrl PRO.

Thanks to the accounting software switch to CashCtrl, the corporation has experienced another growth spurt. "The new application has made us much more efficient, which has led to growth," says Ciccone, adding, "We now have a much better overview of inventory and orders.

We can do a lot more orders without a larger staff. Orders are visible at a glance." That's because everything runs through software and is done with just a few clicks.

General CashCtrl illustration of different features

Pneuservice Ciccone AG

Pneuservice Ciccone AG
Untere Schöntalstrasse 1b
8406 Winterthur

   052 202 08 08
   Monday - Friday: 7:45 - 12:00 / 13:30 - 18:00

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CashCtrl FREE: Simple accounting, clearly structured and easy to understand. Thousands of times in use.

Financial accounting, accounts receivable, accounts payable, articles, reports. Have accounting under control and successfully manage your company.

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CashCtrl PRO: The comprehensive online accounting with file manager and order management.

FIBU, foreign currencies, 1GB storage for data, bank imports. Successfully on track with all functions.

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All CashCtrl PRO features in detail

All CashCtrl FREE features

Order processing

  • Extensive order processing incl. dunning process
  • Sales: Offers, order confirmations, delivery notes, invoices, reminders, credit notes
  • Purchase: Requests, orders, incoming goods, invoices, credit notes, return slips

Custom documents and processes

  • The entire workflow is extendable and customizable according to your needs.
  • Send invoice directly by e-mail, with preview
  • Create your own document templates for PDFs with powerful HTML and CSS editor

Multiple clients

  • Manage multiple users & roles, with different access rights
  • Manage multiple organizations, clone organization

File attachments / document uploads

  •  1 GB Swiss cloud storage included. Expandable without limitation.


  • Use foreign currencies (multi-currencies), with automatic exchange rates
  • Collective book entries

Custom fields

  • Create unlimited custom fields (for inventory, orders and people)


  • Advanced reports: Cash flow statement chart, Key figures, Profit and loss statement staggered-form, Balance progression chart, Result by articles chart, Revenue by customers chart, Expense by vendors chart, Balance share chart, Text and image

Connections, import/export

  • REST API interface
  • Import bank transactions (ISO 20022 camt.052, camt.053, camt.054, MT940, ZIP, TAR)
  • Export reports to Excel and CSV

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