Create and send sales invoices

CashCtrl has a debtor and creditor accounting. Thus, purchase and sales documents can be entered. Invoice documents can be created efficiently and completed with text templates.

As little effort as possible

Invoices created in CashCtrl are compared with the accounting in the background, the income and expenses are booked directly. It is therefore no longer necessary to create invoices from Word and Excel. With this system you automatically keep the bookkeeping through the year and are always up to date.

1. How do I create an invoice?

This is not difficult in CashCtrl. Select invoices in the orders section and enter a new one via Add.
In the appearing dialog all information is entered. The business partner, the items, and so on. Enter the items and confirm with Save.

2. Structuring and

A few functions are available to structure the document. Positions, subtotals, normal text and a page break can be inserted.

The individual positions can be dragged and dropped in the desired order.

3. Detail view

With Save & Open the detail view is opened. The PDF is generated and displayed in the final version. In the next step, text templates are selected or a text is entered directly. Of course we recommend working with text templates - this is much more efficient.

4. Download or send PDF

From the detailed view the invoices are downloadable as PDF or can be sent by Mail. By clicking on PDF the download starts and CashCtrl asks if the status should be set to open.

When the PDF is sent by email, the status is automatically set to open. CashCtrl PRO offers document sending directly from the software.

5. Record the payment. Change status.

If a customer has paid, the payment can be entered. Selected the invoice in the overview and mark it as paid via Next step Paid. CashCtrl immediately asks if the payment should be entered.

Important: A status is only a label and has no connection with the entries of a document, i.e. whether there are still open amounts or not.

Entering payments made easy

CashCtrl PRO has an import function for bank movements. Payments no longer have to be processed manually.

According to ISO 20022 standard the following are possible: camt.052, camt.053, camt.054, MT940. Multiple files can be uploaded in zipped format. CashCtrl recognizes the data bit by bit and lets you work more accurately and correctly with each import.

Learn more about the import with CashCtrl PRO.