QR invoice and EU GiroCode

As part of the payment harmonization, the Swiss QR invoice was integrated in accordance with ISO 20022. By popular request also with ISR reference number. QR with and without ISR are available in CashCtrl free of charge.

CashCtrl has also been expanded to include the European QR invoice with the GiroCode. Unlike the Swiss template, this is already valid.

Set up QR invoice Switzerland

Creating the Swiss QR invoice in CashCtrl is extremely simple. To generate the normal QR code, all you need to do is enter the details from the red payment slip you have used so far. To do this, a location must be defined in the organization with address and IBAN. Everything else happens automatically.

If no account details have been entered yet, you can access the settings via Settings/Locations or directly above Organization/Locations.

1. Enter account details

Enter all information under Organization/Locations, finish with Save and switch to the orders.

Using ISR reference numbers
For working with a Swiss ISR reference number, a QR IBAN must also be recorded (also on site). You can obtain the special QR IBAN from your financial institution.

If you have only entered an IBAN but no QR IBAN, CashCtrl automatically generates a reference number according to ISO-11649 standard. To use reference numbers, the QR IBAN is therefore not mandatory.

2. Select QR invoice template

The invoice document can be selected as a new template in the list. The following options are available by default:

  • A4 window on the right (QR Switzerland)
  • A4 window left (QR Switzerland)
  • A4 window right (QR Europe)
  • A4 window left (QR Europe)

For example, select "A4 window on the right (QR Switzerland)".

That's it, you've done the Swiss QR invoice.

QR invoice Europe (GiroCode)

CashCtrl takes a step towards Europe. With the GiroCode FREE and PRO customers from the EU have a new invoice document at their disposal.

If you work from Switzerland and sometimes send invoices abroad (within Europe, e.g. to Germany), you can also use the European QR invoice with the GiroCode. The only requirement is that the invoice is issued in EUR.

The QR invoice is configured and applied in exactly the same way in Europe. Simply select the corresponding template "A4 window on the right (QR Europe)".