Membership fees (multiple invoices)

Invoicing membership fees, subscriptions or other recurring contributions is extremely convenient with this function. Invoices for the entire association are created from a document template with a few clicks.

Preparations and procedure

It is recommended to sort the members into categories according to the type of membership. That is, the contacts are sorted into their own subgroups. This simplifies the selection of contacts in the selection window. You can also filter by your own fields.

Screenshot: Member overview

For good evaluations it is useful to list the membership types as items in the inventory. This way CashCtrl creates detailed reports on the revenue and number of different memberships.

Screenshot: Overview of membership types CashCtrl

1. Create invoice template

First, an invoice template is entered as a draft. Then this is copied for a number of persons/addresses. Only one invoice type can be entered in this step, e.g. only one member type. For other members, the step must be performed again.

Create the invoice with any address and add a membership as a line item. Save the invoice.

Recurring invoices
To avoid having to create the invoices again next year you can simply create a repeating invoice. This will create the document at time X and the invoice can be sent. Tutorial: Repeating invoices


Screenshot: Invoice creation dialog in CashCtrl

2. Copy template

Select the invoice and choose "Copy" at the top. In the Edit dialog, select "Multiple" instead of one person (just above the field). This opens the contact overview with all addresses.

Screenshot: Customer invoice

3. Select receiver

Now select several individual addresses, filter according to certain specifications or select an entire category (all contained addresses will be selected). Confirm the selection and the list of recipients will be displayed.

From a filtered view, a maximum of 100 displayed addresses can be selected. To select another 100, you must filter again and select more pages.

Screenshot: Filtered view addresses and contacts

Selecting more than 100 addresses from a filtered view
If more than 100 addresses are to be selected, they can be marked with the dropdown menu at the bottom right. This way the whole list, without pages, is shown and the addresses are already marked for selection.

If the selection is accepted, the view resets to the page view.

This function is only available for the PRO/Enterprise account. 

Screenshot: Show more than 100 contacts per page

Additional addresses can be added as desired. When the list is complete, confirm with "Select".

Screenshot: List of selected contacts

4. Ready to create

Now, instead of a single person in the customer field, the number of all persons is listed. Make any last changes and confirm with "Save". All documents are now created. 

Screenshot: Variety of customers and clients selected

5. Done, all invoices are created

Depending on how many invoices are created, it may take a few seconds for CashCtrl to complete the process. 

Screenshot: Newly created invoices in the overview

Send invoices by email

1. Select invoices in overview

Select all invoices to be sent in the overview. Then confirm sending xx documents by mail via "More".

Screenshot: Download multiple invoices as one PDF

2. Enter text or select template

Either enter your own text or select a template directly. For a personal text it is recommended to use text templates with placeholders. You can find the tutorial here: CashCtrl Tutorial Text Templates

After the preview window confirm the sending. Done.

Screenshot: Email dispatch dialog CashCtrl

Sending via own SMTP server (Beta)

Emails can also be sent via the own SMTP server. The function is still in beta status (as of April 2022) and will be further developed in the future. Sending emails via your own mail server increases the delivery rate and reduces the probability that emails end up in the spam folder.

-> Settings/User profile/SMTP

Screenshot: SMTP configuration CashCtrl

Send invoices as a letter

1. Select invoices and download as PDF

Invoices can also be downloaded and sent as a letter. To do this, you do not need to download all documents as individual PDFs, but rather collect them in one file. 

Filter all documents, select them and download them as PDF via More/xx Documents. Print. Done.

Screenshot: Download multiple invoices as one PDF.