Create letters with CashCtrl

Instead of entering letters in Word and saving them on the computer, CashCtrl can also be used. Addresses and contact details of customers are already managed in the programme, so all the necessary information is available.
Correspondence and invoices are created with the same font and design, creating a professional appearance.

Screenshot of a letter created in CashCtrl

1. Create a new category for letters

Create a new category "Letters" via Settings/Order categories and configure it according to the screenshot. Deactivate due date and select the document template to be used.

If you want to use the same document template as for invoices, it makes sense to copy it and name it "Letter template" or similar. Otherwise the settings will interfere and the documents will not look as desired.

Screenshot of the Add Job Category dialogue box

2. Select and adapt the document template

To select the appropriate document template (preferably without payment slip or QR part), click on the "..." next to Document template. This opens the document template dialogue. Select the template and click on Edit.

In the HTML/CSS tab you can make further design adjustments to the document. A selection of fonts is available and size and alignment can also be adjusted. Minimal HTML/CSS knowledge is required. Continue with Save.

Screenshot: Edit document template dialogue of CashCtrl

Optionally, a sequence number can be configured. This is useful if letters are to remain stored in CashCtrl or customers need to refer to the document. Here is an example of a configuration:

Screenshot des Laufnummer konfigurieren Dialog

3. Create statuses for letters

Three statuses prove to be useful. But it also works with two statuses, we leave that up to you. However, a draft and a sent status are certainly useful.

1. Templates. Pre-designed letters that are used again and again.
2. Draft. Letters that have been entered but not yet sent.
3. Sent. Sent letters.

Set all statuses to "Closed" so that the documents are not shown as open across accounting periods.

Order status dialogue
Create screenshot dialogue new letter

4. Create a new letter

Create a new letter in the overview with Add/Letter. If necessary, enter a description in the dialogue and select the recipient's address. Ignore all other fields and continue with Save & Open.

Screenshot fertiggestellter Brief in CashCtrl

5. Compose and send a letter

Write the letter in the text field at the top of the "Texts" tab on the left-hand side. The text is continuously updated on the right side of the document. If letters are sent repeatedly, it is advisable to use text templates.

Finally, download the letter as a PDF or send it directly from the software. Voilà.

Efficiency-boosting hint: In step 1, the status "Sent" can be selected in the field "Status on download". This way, CashCtrl asks whether the status should be changed to sent when the PDF is downloaded.