What does a CashCtrl account consist of

The normal account is a CashCtrl FREE account. It consists of a user and an organisation (client) of which the user is the owner. This configuration is free and is available after registration. The FREE User cannot be extended with clients or users.

However, a FREE User can be invited to one or more other organisations in addition to his own if the owner of the organisation has a PRO account.

Illustration zur Funktionsweise der Buchhaltungssoftware CashCtrl FREE

Multi-client capable with CashCtrl PRO

CashCtrl PRO consists of at least 5 users (1 owner + 4 additional) and 3 organisations (clients) . The owner always has access to all organisations in his account.

The organisations are separated in separate databases and do not share any information (e.g. contacts, inventory).

New users can be created by inviting them. A user can have access to several or only one organisation.

Illustration zur Funktionsweise der Buchhaltungssoftware CashCtrl PRO

Create new users

New users can be added to the respective organization. The email address must be entered and a role selected. CashCtrl then sends an email with the access data. A user does not have to register first to be invited.

If an account already exists under the invited email address, the user will be informed that the new organisation is now available for selection.