Contacts/addresses import from CSV files

Open source PHP script for CashCtrl to import contacts into an organization/client. Extend the script with your own functions or use it to develop projects for your clients.

Illustration: Addresses CSV import directly in CashCtrl

Contact import from CSV

PHP script

Free PHP script for importing contacts / people from a CSV file.

Just save an Excel file as CSV (best with UTF-8 BOM), and then either run this script in the web server and upload the file, or run the script in the command line.

The columns must be named as specified in the form.

Note: This script is only an example and can be customized and extended by a web developer.

To use the script, please change the API Key and Organization (Sub-Domain) in the first two lines of the script.

Developed by: CashCtrl Team

Screenshot von CashCtrl Script für CSV Import von Adressen
Last updated: 06.08.2020

Sharing with others, the open source idea

We can't open source our cloud software, but we can open source the extensions to it. They are free and available for everyone. Have you created your own CashCtrl developments, scripts or tools that might make the daily work of others easier?

Send them to us. We will gladly expand our offer and list them in the credits.