Synchronize organizations / clients

Open source script for synchronizing two or more clients/organizations. Extend the script with your own functions or develop projects for your customers with it.

Organization synchronization script illustration of CashCtrl

Synchronization of two organizations


Free tool for synchronizing articles, people and files of two organizations. Dependencies like categories are also synchronized. Furthermore it is possible to filter persons and articles which are synchronized. The tool can be executed from the command line.

Note: This tool is only an example and can be customized and extended as needed.

Developed by: CashCtrl Team

You can find the tutorial on how to execute the script here

Screenshot of CashCtrl script for synchronization of two organizations
Last updated: 24.07.2022
Last updated: 24.07.2022

Synchronized elements


  •  Title
  •  Categories
  •  Attachments


  •  Units
  •  Currencies
  •  Categories
  •  Attachments


  •  Categories




Screenshot von CashCtrl Script für die Synchonisation zweier Organisationen

Sharing with others. The open source idea.

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