SumUp CSV import script

With this free open source script, movements can be loaded as CSV from a SumUp account into the accounting software. Extend the script with your own functions or develop projects for customers with it.

Illustration SumUp import for CashCtrl

SumUp import from CSV


Free tool for importing Sumup movements from a CSV file. Works for both online store and a cash register system. The movements are output from your SumUp account as CSV and imported into CashCtrl via the script.

This will save you enormous time when doing your accounting.

The tool can be executed via the command line or via an application server.

Screenshot of CashCtrl for import script from Sumup movements

Features SumUp Script

  •  Adjustable accounts.
  •  Adjustable metadata.
  •  Person are automatically assigned to the entries.
  •  Currencies are created automatically.

Tested application servers:
Tomcat 9 / Tomcat 10

Note: This tool serves as a basis for your further developments and to show what can be connected via the CashCtrl API. The script can be customized as you like and may be extended.

Developed by: CashCtrl Team

Last updated: 19.08.2022
Last updated: 19.08.2022

Sharing with others, the open source idea

We can't open source our cloud software, but we can open source the extensions to it. They are free and available for everyone. Have you created your own CashCtrl developments, scripts or tools that might make the daily work of others easier?

Send them to us. We will gladly expand our offer and list them in the credits.